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Surviving a concert camp-out: 7 tips from Bieber fans

Nobody knows how to line up for a concert like Beliebers.

For Justin Bieber's TODAY performance, hundreds of fans camped out in the streets for days to catch a prime spot for his performance. By concert day, the crowd had swelled to thousands.

The wait tried the patience of even his most devoted fans, who still insist that Bieber is the only star worth sleeping on the streets of New York City for. Those in the know (and the many young ladies who waited on these same streets for last year’s performance) came prepared, toting snacks, toothbrushes, pillows and parents.

Here, these line-camping experts share their top seven tips for surviving the wait.

1. Locate the nearest restroom — and a backup.

“We’ve been sneaking into McDonalds at 4 or 5 a.m. to use the bathroom,” said Robin Lerner, 52, from Baltimore, Maryland. “At my age, it’s not fun.” Using the restroom at a nearby café or fast food restaurant often comes at a price. Fans stuck in line can also look to a public restroom, open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., in the basement concourse of the General Electric building at Sixth Avenue and 49th Street for less expensive relief.

2. Carry along an extra phone (or two).

“We brought old cell phones,” said Sherley Torres, 15, from Bethlehem, Pa. “We have, like, five and just switch out the SIM cards so we don’t need to charge them.” Those who don’t save old cell phones for just this kind of occasion can charge up in one of the area’s cafés or fast food restaurants. Think you’ll be sleeping on the street? Invest in a portable charger for powering up in line.

3. Bring a tent, or something to lounge on.

“It’s really uncomfortable on the ground,” said Jarimar Santiago, 17, from Bethlehem, Pa. “I haven’t fallen asleep, and people start to squish into each other at night.” Security sometimes bans tents, but this year’s Beliebers can make use of them at night. Avoid evening street critters with a bit of elevation.

4. Pass the time by making friends with fellow fans.

“We all stood in the street and made people honk,” said Amanda Dezso, 15, from New Jersey. “We started shouting Bieber chants that night until we got yelled at by a restaurant.” As cell phone power drops, chatting with neighbors becomes essential to counting down the seconds and maintaining your sanity.

5. Stay patient (and civil)!

“It’s been getting harder,” said Deja Brown, 13, from Trenton, NJ. “People are crowding more and some moms are getting angry. Usually moms freak out when they’re around other people, but my mom’s holding up pretty well.” Help out fellow Bieber fans — they might be willing to save your spot in line later.

6. Use mom.

“My mom always comes with us to concerts,” said Lauren Bell, 16, from Springfield, NJ. “We’re not really supposed to leave, but she saves our spots in line.”

7. Stay nourished (even if you’re not hungry).

“You don’t even want to eat,” said Jarimar Santiago. “You can’t tell if you’re hungry because you’re too excited.”

Danika Fears is a TODAY.com intern who has only camped out for hobbits at a midnight screening of "Lord of the Rings."

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