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Harry Connick Jr. jokes new album is so special, it has 'healing properties'

In case you were wondering, Harry Connick Jr.'s latest album, "What A Man Should Know," is truly something special. He promises. For one thing, he's singing about very personal topics for the first time -- his mother, his wife -- and admitted to TODAY's Savannah Guthrie Thursday that he's "really excited."

On the other hand, there's more to it than that. Critical reception has been positive (Guthrie told him that People magazine called the album "impressive") but that's not quite enough for Connick.

"More appropriate would be, 'This is something that will bring the entire world together as one,'" he chuckled as the two bantered about how much puffery could be assigned to the record, his 29th.

"Maybe talk about some of its healing properties," said Guthrie.

"It does have healing properties," he agreed. "I'll just say this: It's the greatest CD ever made."

Check out the performance and see for yourself!