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TODAY in Tokyo: Savannah is keeping fit indoors with aerobics

Plus, more behind-the-scenes glimpses at what the TODAY team is up to in Tokyo.
/ Source: TODAY

While the TODAY team is getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics' opening ceremony Friday, Savannah Guthrie on Thursday gave her co-hosts back in states a quick glimpse at what she's been up to in Japan's capital during her downtime.

Exercising has been tough with coronavirus restrictions in place, so Savannah has turned to a trusty indoor workout: aerobics! (After all, she was an instructor back in the day.)

She also shared that during her daily stroll (restrictions allow people only one 15-minute walk outside every day), Savannah discovered a "marvel" of a convenience store called Lawson that has everything you'd ever need, including chicken nuggets that the late Anthony Bourdain loved whenever he traveled to Tokyo.

Another treat she stumbled upon is the giant rainbow cotton candy that people in Tokyo can't get enough of.

It's so hot in Tokyo right now that TODAY staffers had to hold the cotton candy close to the AC so it wouldn't melt.
It's so hot in Tokyo right now that TODAY staffers had to hold the cotton candy close to the AC so it wouldn't melt.Kylie Haoues / TODAY

Savannah on set had a mishap with her cotton candy though when it got stuck to her hand.

TODAY producers have been snapping behind-the-scenes pics of their own. Here's a look the booth anchors and correspondents use to voice their news pieces.

Our tracking booth is so fun!
Our tracking booth is so fun!Melea McCreary / TODAY

Another producer shared what she stumbled upon on during her daily walk: just an enormous Transformer, no big deal.

You don't see this every day.
You don't see this every day.Jennifer Long / Instagram

Meanwhile, "NBC Nightly News" anchor Lester Holt finally landed in Tokyo after a draining 13-hour flight.

When he made it to the set, he caught a pic of Savannah during Thursday's broadcast on TODAY.

The TODAY team in Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the rest of the squad back in New York City, so as Lester said, it's odd seeing Savannah head the show in the dead of night.

Live from TODAY ... at night?!
Live from TODAY ... at night?!Kaitlin Vickery / TODAY

As for other folks in the NBC News family, senior international correspondent Keir Simmons and producer Jared Crawford enjoyed some bonding time in Okayama.

Say cheese, Keir and Jared!
Say cheese, Keir and Jared!Jared Crawford / TODAY

While there, Keir also encountered a coffee vending machine. (Yup, you read that right.)

Senior national correspondent Tom Llamas, who's been in Tokyo reporting for a few weeks now in the lead up to the Games, shared an on-set pic with stage manager Yosef Herzog.

Check back tomorrow for more of our TODAY in Tokyo digest!