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Savannah gets stuck to cotton candy in Tokyo: 'I don't think this is ever coming off'

"This is actually stuck to my hand now," Savannah said. "I'm gonna sleep with it."
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie found herself as the main character in a Japanese monster movie on her first day on TODAY's new set for the Tokyo Olympics: "Attack of the Giant Cotton Candy."

The TODAY co-anchor was showing off the local eats near her hotel in Tokyo, including a batch of rainbow cotton candy, when the treat latched itself to her and wouldn't let go.

She shared a photo of the rainbow tower of candy stuck to her fingers on Instagram.

"When cotton candy attacks," she wrote.

Savannah just assumed it was now a permanent part of her arm and used it as an impromptu pointer as she showed off the new set on TODAY Thursday.

"This is actually stuck to my hand now," she said. "I'm gonna sleep with it."

Savannah shows off her battle scars from her run-in with the giant cotton candy.Jennifer Long / TODAY

The only other way to get it off would have been to eat it, which would've given Savannah enough sugar to last the entire Olympics without sleeping.

She later started whipping her arm to try to get it off like it was a baby octopus latched to her hand.

"I don't think this is ever coming off," she said.

Finally, a huge chunk broke free and went flying.

"Got it," she said. "I'm good."

She later shared a photo of her left hand still covered with cotton candy residue after she freed it from the candy's grasp.

It took some scrubbing to finally get all the cotton candy off the floor of the TODAY set in Tokyo. Jennifer Long / TODAY

Because TODAY doesn't want any Olympians to miss their events by getting stuck to the floor of the set, it then took some hard scrubbing with wet napkins to get the sweet and sticky residue of the cotton candy off the ground.

Savannah said the rainbow cotton candy is famous in Tokyo. But it's so hot in the city right now that TODAY staffers had to hold the cotton candy close to the air conditioner so it wouldn't melt into a sticky, rainbow mess.

TODAY staffers hold the rainbow cotton candy close to the AC to prevent it from melting.Kylie Haoues / TODAY

Savannah also showed off some less aggressive local delicacies available at a Lawson convenience store near the hotel, like chicken nuggets that were a favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain and egg salad sandwiches.

Thankfully, she was able to put those down with no trouble.