Contrary to rumors, Cher is doing just fine

Earlier this month, Cher canceled a number of shows at Caesar’s Palace due to what her rep said was “Vegas throat.”


Earlier this month, Cher canceled a number of shows at Caesar’s Palace due to what her rep said was “Vegas throat.”

Though the rumor mill went into overdrive with reports suggesting the legend was actually suffering with everything from severe abdominal problems to cancer, a healthy looking and spirited Cher said she is just fine during her recent visit to Access Hollywood.

“Can I tell you something? If I had cancer, everyone would know it,” Cher told Access’ Billy Bush. “I wouldn’t tell them, but somebody would. When you have those kind of things happen, if you’re famous, you can’t keep them a secret.”

Cher explained she was forced to cancel a portion of her run at Caesar’s Palace, which she says she will resume Feb. 21, because she did experience “Vegas throat,” which affects many of the singers who hit the stage in the desert town.

“My health is great. But you know there’s a wind thing that blows there sometimes in different months, and I have an allergy to it,” Cher said. “So yeah it’s really hard if you get a sickness and you’re famous. It’s impossible. You have to suffer with the sickness and everyone gets to know it.”

And Cher’s good friend Farrah Fawcett knows exactly how that feels.

“Farrah Fawcett is the strongest woman I have ever known,” Cher said. “I would have never been able to do what she’s done. I’m not kidding. This chick has got iron ones.”

The former “Charlie’s Angels” star took the singing superstar’s advice and has been traveling to and from Germany for cancer treatment for over a year.

“Are we to understand that she is winning?” Bush asked about Fawcett.

“Yes, winning. And it was a terrible, terrible cancer,” Cher said. “When (the doctor) first saw her, he said, ‘You know Cher, I’m not so sure what I can do. I don’t know if I have the expertise, I don’t know how we can do it.’”

But Cher, who went to Germany when she was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr in the ’80s, has an unwavering faith in German medicine, which she said has helped save her friend.

“I think that she wouldn’t be alive if she had gone to the medicine that we have for our cancer treatment,” Cher said.

So does that mean Cher has lost her faith in U.S. medicine?

“Not completely,” Cher told Billy. “There are great doctors (but) there’s a lot of really bad doctors. There are a lot of really bad doctors.”

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