Can you find the panda hidden among the elephants? Try the latest viral puzzle

Test yourself with the latest visual brainteaser puzzling the Internet. Can you find the panda among the elephants?


There's another elusive panda hiding in a puzzle.

The latest visual brainteaser sweeping the internet asks you to find a panda hidden in a herd of elephants in four different colors. Can you spot it?

Puzzle slider panda

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The puzzle was created by California's Matthew Merrill and takes a page from a head-scratcher created in 2015 by Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas asking you to find a panda among the snowmen.

Dudas followed that one with visual puzzles like finding a cat among a group of owls and spotting an Easter egg amid a host of bunnies.

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[SPOILER note: Still need help with the answer? Use our the slider below! Just be careful when hovering over the interactive tool if you're still interested in finding the panda on your own!]