Take Christmas dinner to the next level with a 50-layer lasagna and cannoli station

Fifty layers and five cheeses ... fuhgeddaboudit.


Chef and restaurateur Joe Isidori of Arthur & Sons in New York City is stopping by the TODAY kitchen to share a couple of his family's favorite Italian holiday recipes. He takes dinner to new heights with a 50-layer lasagna filled with five different cheeses, and then makes dessert interactive with a DIY cannoli station complete with all the toppings.

This lasagna is what my family and I consider to be a real holiday dish. Forget the ham and the turkey — as Italian Americans, we eat lasagna on the holidays. My family adores my recipe — the best part is when the crazy uncles fight over the corner pieces!

When it comes to dessert, you can't beat a custom cannoli! I love this approach because it's fun and interactive — the kids absolutely love it. This is my six-year-old son Roman's favorite dessert.

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