Kelly Clarkson covers 'It's My Life' — see Jon Bon Jovi's reaction

Kelly Clarkson and Jon Bon Jovi also discussed Frank Sinatra's impact on the classic rock song.

YouTube, Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson's new Bon Jovi cover has been approved by the rock legend himself!

During the "Kellyoke" segment of "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Clarkson covered Bon Jovi's classic song "It's My Life," backed by her band. The singer absolutely killed the number, adding a few extra high notes of her own amid an epic light show.

After she finished the number, Jon Bon Jovi joined the show's virtual audience to talk about Clarkson's performance.

"So, be honest, and when I say be honest I mean lying is totally OK," Clarkson said. "How did I do with your song?"

"I noticed that you had to change the key," Bon Jovi, 58, said. "It was in a girl key."

"I know!" Clarkson responded. "I'm a first soprano, man. I always have to raise everything, because I can't go low, but I can go high."

"God bless you for it," Bon Jovi said. "But yeah, it was cool! Thank you for doing that."

The two also discussed one of the lines from the song.

"Where were you in life when you wrote 'It's My Life,' and what does it mean for you?" Clarkson asked.

"There's a lyric in there that's 'Frankie says I did it my way,' that was from New Jersey's most famous son, Frank Sinatra," the rock star explained. "I had just come home from doing a film in Malta and Rome called 'U-571.' It was a World War II picture with Matthew McConaughey. We come home, and we're making the (album) and we got together to write that and I had to fight very hard for that lyric."

"(Lead guitarist) Richie (Sambora) said to me, 'What is Frankie and what does it matter?'" Bon Jovi continued. "And I said 'Well, because much like Frank, I'm going to make movies when I want, records when I want, and this is how I'm feeling. I won the argument simply because I had to sing the song every night."

While that may have been the original intention, Bon Jovi said that the song has since taken on a meaning of its own.

"That's what it stood for for me, but the magic was guys like (brother) Anthony (Bongiovi) and people around the world," he said. "They said 'No, Frankie is me, Frankie's my best friend, Frankie's my brother,' and that's the magic of a great song. People make it their own."