A daughter discovered that her dad's famous song was about her

Lisa Lucas said that she always loved one classic song written by her father Reggie Lucas.

Lisa Lucas had no idea she inspired one of her father's famous songs. Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The inspiration behind a classic 1980s song was revealed in a sweet Twitter conversation Sunday evening.

Lisa Lucas, daughter of famed musician and songwriter Reggie Lucas, posted a link to a popular song of his on Sunday morning to celebrate Father's Day. She said it was "very hard" to listen to her father's songs since his passing in 2018, but that "Never Knew Love Like This Before," which Reggie Lucas wrote in collaboration with James Mtume, was one of her favorites.

"My dad's songs were very hard to listen to over the past two years, but I get so much comfort from them now," wrote Lucas, 40, who is the executive director of the National Book Foundation. "This is the one I turn to most. (Co-written/produced w (James) Mtume) #fathersday"

The post quickly garnered well-wishes and messages of support.

Late that evening, her mother, Kay Lucas, added a surprising comment that made the 1980 R&B song even more poignant.

"This was written when you were being born," Kay Lucas wrote. "It’s about you."

Lisa Lucas said that she had had no idea she was the inspiration behind the song.

"I'm not crying, you're crying," she replied. "Mom, I NEVER KNEW THIS. Heart just exploded."

Lisa Lucas wasn't the only one touched by the moment — dozens of commentators replied to the exchange, calling it "amazing" and "so moving."

Lisa replied to many commentators, adding that she had had "no idea" that she was the inspiration behind the song and admitting that her "jaw was on the floor" after her mom's revelation.

TODAY Parents reached out to both Kay and Lisa Lucas for comment on the sweet moment, but neither responded to requests. Lisa continued to share her thoughts in a series of emotional tweets.

"Damn, y'all," she wrote. "Mom came through with a true gift on a Father's Day where I am missing him very much. Man. I didn't know it was about me. I truly never did."

In another post, she added that she thought the song had been about her mother, and in a second, she said she was "legit crying."

"Whelp. I never knew love like that before either, Dad." she wrote later in the evening.