Watch the moment Jamie Lee Curtis brings Hoda to tears with a kind message

The "Halloween" star said she thinks Hoda should run for president.


We're not crying, you're crying!

Jamie Lee Curtis had us all a little teary-eyed after her kind words for Hoda Kotb on Thursday had the TODAY anchor overcome with emotion at the end of their interview.

The "Halloween" star, 60, gave her touching reasons for why she thinks Hoda should be the latest candidate to enter the fray for the 2020 presidential election.

"Can I take one second and tell you, I think you should run for president,'' Curtis said. "I think you embody the absolute best because you have little babies at home, and you suit up and show up in this incredibly grounded way that makes people feel safe."

Hoda became visibly emotional as Curtis continued.

"It's the reason they tune you in, and I just think you're an extraordinary example for all of us, and I wish you were running because I wish you were the president,'' she said. "Sorry, just saying. That's how I feel."

A tearful Hoda had to compose herself after Curtis snuck in her kind words at the end of an interview about her new movie, "Knives Out," and her past struggles with opioid addiction.

"Thanks for coming by, that was a weird ending,'' Hoda said as she wiped tears.

"God bless you,'' Curtis said. "Hoda! Hoda! Hoda!"

Hoda looked back on the moment during "Hoda & Jenna" later in the show on Thursday.

"OK, that was totally weird, but I just want to say the great thing about Jamie Lee Curtis is — and I watched her do this with everybody around — she walks up to people and makes them feel better,'' Hoda said. "That's what she did."

She noted that Curtis sought out a woman on Rockefeller Plaza who had been there since 5 a.m. holding a sign saying that she was a big fan. She gave the woman a hug and took some pictures with her.

Curtis also took some pictures with a pair of young sisters who had come to see Hoda's co-host, Jenna Bush Hager, while also getting their address so she could send them some books.

"That's her, she's like the most generous spirit,'' Hoda said.

Jenna wholeheartedly agreed with Curtis' comments about her friend.

"What she said about you is true,'' Jenna said. "You are present. You are thinking about right where you are supposed to be, and that's a big thing. It makes people feel really good."

Jenna nearly made Hoda tear up again.

"That's the nicest thing ever," Hoda said. "What's happening?!"

"You deserve a good day!" Jenna said.