Buffalo Sabres players recorded discussing 'Emily in Paris' on the ice

NHLer Jeff Skinner championed the titular character's return to Season 3 with bangs.


Turns out, NHLer Jeff Skinner gets his skates on for “Emily in Paris.”

On Thursday, the official TikTok page for the professional ice hockey team the Buffalo Sabres posted a pretty hilarious moment caught between two of its players while on the ice.

The video starts off with Skinner enthusiastically asking his teammate and defenseman Mattias Samuelsson about the Netflix hit starring Lily Collins. When Samuelsson asks what he’s referring to, Skinner remarks that it’s a show and that “there’s a new season coming out.”

The third season of “Emily in Paris” debuted on Dec. 21 and follows Collins as Lily, an expatriate who navigates her career and love life in the City of Light.

When Samuelsson responds that he’d never heard of the series, Skinner enthusiastically replies, “this season, she (Collins) gets bangs!” 

“Did you finish it yet?” the Buffalo Sabres captioned the post, which has garnered over 31K likes.

“Jeff skinner is the most adorable hockey player ever,” one user replied.

“They left and binged half the season together,” another commented.”

Skinner isn’t the first sports fan to become an “Emily” fanatique.

In January, former footballer Peyton Manning appeared on the “Weekend Update” segment of “Saturday Night Live” and said he’d missed out on watching the divisional round of football playoffs because he put on the show “just for fun” and then ended up watching “the entire season straight through.”

“Oh my God, Colin, this show has everything,” Manning dialogued during his appearance. “Romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a fresh take on feminism— finally. Not to mention, a culinary tapestry so rich I can only describe it as food porn.”