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TikTok trend asks users to reveal 'the most messed up' thing they did as a kid

Kids say and do the darndest things, don't they?
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TikTok users are fessing up to the naughty things they did as youngsters.Bertil Persson / Getty Images
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We've all had our mischievous and naughty moments as kids, and our parents love recalling those comedic stories at family dinners. Now, a new TikTok trend has users publicly confessing their own less-than-angelic behaviors from the past, and the results are pretty ridiculous.

It all started earlier this month when TikTok user @rytoast10 shared a video where he admitted that he tried to break up his parents' marriage because he wanted to get "two Christmases" like one of his classmates.

After sharing his sneaky tale, the social media user, whose real name is Ryan Annese, encouraged his fellow TikTok users to tell him "the most messed up thing you did as a kid that you still feel guilty about today."

Olivia Wilson, a model based in New York City, answered the call and revealed that she accidentally deleted her brother's research paper. In the video, Wilson said she often acted as if she was on a TV show when she was younger.

"I would be in a normal situation and I would look 'off camera' and be like 'Can you believe this is happening?'" she explained.

So one day when her brother Jeff had spent all day typing up a research paper, Wilson decided to play a "pretend" joke on him.

"I went over and pretended I was going to delete it because I'm the evil sister in this TV show that I'd created in my mind. Unfortunately for me, I f***** deleted it," she recalled and shared a belated apology to her brother.


##stitch with @rytoast10 RIP to Jeff’s research paper. It wasn’t me though it was ✨Patricia✨ ##Wee ##WeirdPets ##storytime ##foryoupage ##fyp ##middlechild

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TikTok user @haryynigo recalled being a "very ungrateful kid" and shared a childhood story that still makes him cringe. When he was in elementary school, his grandmother gave him five pesos to buy lunch one day, but he thought he deserved more.

"Me being the little b**** that I was, I was so unsatisfied that I threw the five pesos on the ground for my Lola to pick up," he said.

The TikTok user then shakes his head, recognizes the error of his ways and says, "I know, I am so sorry."

Justin Atkinson had a different type of tale to share. The TikTok user, who goes by the handle @jethelred, revealed that his school used to have a fundraiser where kids could donate a dollar to pick one candy from a mystery bag of Starbursts.

If you got a pink candy, you just got to keep it, but other colors were worth monetary prizes: orange Starbursts were worth $1, red ones were worth $2 and yellow ones were worth $10. The wise youngster quickly devised a plan to earn money every time his school hosted the fundraiser and recalled his "evil" ways.

"That school also had a vending machine where you could get a whole pack of Starbursts for one dollar. So I did that instead and I put a yellow in my sleeve so that when I reached into the bag I always got the 10. They were like 'This kid is so lucky.' I was stealing from a fundraiser that was feeding other kids," he said.

TikTok user @jennavandeleest revealed that she and her brother committed a low-stakes "hit and run" at the ages of 12 and 13. It all happened when their dad left them in the car as he went into the library to return a book.

"My brother thought it'd be hilarious to jump into the driver's side seat and reverse out and pick my dad up at the door. As he was pulling out, he bangs into this minivan like hard. My dad's car is fine, this minivan is f**** (the side of it)," she recalled.

The kids put the car back in park and stayed silent as their dad got back in the car. But as they were leaving, they saw that woman who owned the car come out and notice the damage.

"You (could) just hear her screaming," she said.