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Sheet Pan Sunday: Kristen Little makes sweet potato shakshuka on 1 pan

Harissa, a North African chili paste, packs this shakshuka recipe with a major flavor punch.
Eggs and sweet potatoes are the perfect pair.
Eggs and sweet potatoes are the perfect pair.Kristen Little

The humble sheet pan is the hero of weeknight cooking. Its sleek, spacious surface allows the busy home cook to get a balanced dinner — protein! starch! vegetables! — on the table quickly with very little prep or cleanup. Just chop, drop and roast.

That’s why every week, we’ll be sharing throw-it-all-on-a-sheet-pan recipes from our favorite chefs and home cooks. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, friends, family or meal-prepping for the week, you should keep these one-pan meals in your back pocket — or, rather, your oven.

This week, TODAY food stylist Kristen Little shares her recipe for her go-to breakfast-for-dinner: Spicy Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Shakshuka.

Kristen Little

Eggs and sweet potatoes are the perfect pair and staples in my house. I always stock up on when I am at the grocery store because they both last for a long time. I love making eggs with a baked sweet potato and some cinnamon for breakfast, but I wanted to create something new that would be a dish you could eat for any meal. Enter harissa shakshuka.

Shakshuka is traditionally a breakfast food made in a cast-iron pan, but there is just never enough for my whole family to enjoy. This version makes enough for everyone — and there's usually enough for seconds!

Kristen Little

Harissa, a North African chili paste often made up of tomatoes, dried chiles, olive oil, garlic and various spices such as cumin coriander and caraway seeds, packs this recipe with a major flavor punch. Your friends and family will be begging you to make it. Make sure to toast some crusty bread to sop up all that savory sauce. The second best part about it: easy cleanup!

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