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September horoscope: What the stars have in store for you this month

Adama Sesay from shares what you can expect this September.
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Welcome to September! We can all agree that 2020 has been an intense year, to say the least, and as we glide into the home stretch this fall, there are more pivotal energies that lie ahead. We start off the month with a positive full moon on Sept. 2 in imaginative Pisces. The full moon will make a harmonious connection with value-driven Uranus in Taurus, giving us the opportunity to dream big and create the life we desire.

Mercury, the planet of communication brightens and moves into the sign of Libra on Sept. 5, while Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters into expressive Leo on Sept. 6. Conversations will focus on nurturing, creating and enjoying our romantic and platonic relationships. The intensity of the day-to-day grind will soften as Mars, ruler of our drive and action, turns retrograde on Sept. 9 through Nov. 13. During this time, it’s best to not push or overexert yourself. Instead, take time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate your spirit. Action based on your intuition is key.

Mid-month, the cosmic expander Jupiter will move direct on Sept. 12 in the sign of Capricorn. This will continue to encourage structural change and progress in our collective society and individual lives. On Sept. 17, the new moon in Virgo is an ideal day to take the inspiration and ideas we received at the start of the month and bring them to practical reality. Analyzing, organizing and restricting our thoughts are key — to-do lists are a great way to start!

Libra season and the fall equinox begins on Sept. 22 while Saturn, the planet of restriction, goes direct at the end of the month on Sept. 29. As the taskmaster of the solar system, Saturn direct will bring back the lessons that we have learned earlier in the year. Understanding the changes you should make in your own life to encourage stability and structure is vital.

Read what’s in store for your zodiac sign below! Check out your sun, moon or rising sign as all three energies can apply to your life.


Aries Horoscope
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Your career could experience major changes and shifts month, dear Aries! Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, will move direct in your tenth house of career, while the cleansing new moon in Virgo on Sept. 17 in your sixth house of work is giving you the focus and ability to achieve. Independent Lilith is with driven Mars in Aries, giving you the power. Go for it!


Taurus Horoscope
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Your belief in yourself and owning your unique individuality is a hot topic for you this month, Taurus. The full moon in Pisces in your public eleventh house on Sept. 2 will send a bright beam of energy to Uranus in Taurus in your first house of identity. Other’s will notice how bright you truly shine this month, but you must know this, too!


Gemini Horoscope
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This a time for self-reflection. Focus on your own goals and vision, dear Gemini. The full moon in Pisces on Sept. 2 will illuminate your tenth house of career, energizing your creative thought and encouraging new strategies. A fresh opportunity or idea can prove to be fruitful during this time. Focus on yourself and you can’t go wrong this month.


Cancer Horoscope
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Your long-term relationships have received a major overhaul this year from the universe. Any changes that occurred in this area of life have been for your own personal growth. As Jupiter in Capricorn moves direct in your seventh house of relationships on Sept. 12, this theme will resurface. The key is to remain true to who you’ve become.


Leo Horoscope
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Prepare for your star to shine brightly this month, dear Leo! Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationships moves into your first house of self on Sept. 6. This is a favorable planetary transit for attractive love or enjoying your current relationship. Enjoy it!


Virgo Horoscope
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Virgo, this season represents a fresh start for you. The new moon in Virgo is occurring on Sept. 17. This is an ideal time to take inventory of your schedule, work, health and overall well-being. Cleaning your home, restructuring your daily tasks and organizing your to-do lists will raise your vibration and inspire you. Once you make space, the universe will bring in the new!


Libra Horoscope
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It’s your season, dear Libra! As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, Libra season ushers in the fall equinox, which begins on Sept. 22. This month, you will focus on how to balance our own needs with the needs of others. Mars in Aries will retrograde earlier in the month on Sept. 9 in your seventh house of relationships, driving you to asses this area of your life. Fiery Lilith together with Mars in Aries is reasserting your independence to ensure your needs are met. Speak up, dear Libra!


Scorpio Horoscope
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Being mindful of who you associate with is nothing new for you, Scorpio. Authentic relationships will drive you this month, and the full moon in Pisces on Sept. 2 could bring a sudden shift in this area of your life. A positive relationship could come in that is more aligned with your values. Stay true to yourself, Scorpio.


Sagittarius Horoscope
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Sagittarius, expect some movement in the money department. Jupiter, your ruling planet, will move direct in your second house of earned income on Sept. 12. The key to this transit is finding opportunity and standing up for what (and how much) you are truly worth. The rest will follow.


Capricorn Horoscope
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You are in for more growth in your identity and how you appear to the outside world. Capricorn, this sounds exhausting as you have been doing this work for quite some time, but change leads to wisdom! Jupiter will move direct on Sept. 12 in your first house of self. Welcome this shift with open arms!


Aquarius Horoscope
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Love is in the air for you, Aquarius! Venus, the planet of romance, is heading into the passionate sign of Leo in your seventh house of relationships. This is just what you’ve needed to reinvigorate your current relationship or start a new one! Enjoy this fun-filled month; you deserve it after this year.


Pisces Horoscope
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Pisces, you start of the month with a creative and intuitive full moon in Pisces on Sept. 2. This phenomenal lunation will encourage you to express yourself in an authentic way as it’s sending a favorable connection with Uranus in Taurus in your emotional forth house of home. Listen to your gut first, and then act.

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