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I wore resistance band pants for 3 days — and burned calories without even trying

The pants supercharged my workouts and inspired me to move more throughout the day.
Wearing the pants adds resistance to your exercise moves without the need for other equipment.
Wearing the pants adds resistance to your exercise moves without the need for other equipment.TODAY Illustration / Stephanie Mansour
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Resistance bands are having a renaissance. The elastic exercise bands help strengthen and tone your muscles without lifting heavy weights. Plus, they’re lightweight and affordable, making them a convenient addition to a home gym.

But have you ever heard of resistance band pants? I am a fan of exercising with the bands, so I was intrigued when I heard about a company actually building them into clothing and knew I needed to give them a try.

+40 Resistance Pants

Cost and equipment

Agogie resistance apparel are pants with built-in resistance bands. They help strengthen and tone your muscles throughout the day by adding extra resistance to your daily movements — whether you're exercising, cooking dinner or running errands. The company website says to "think about it as adding gravity to every motion rather than adding weight." The pants retail for $129.99 and are made for both men and women.

I loved that the pants were functional and stylish.
I loved that the pants were functional and stylish.

What wearing the pants entails

I chose the +20 resistance versions, which the brand recommends for long-term, everyday use. The pants also come in a +40 resistance option, which they recommend for more explosive movements like sprints and plyometric jumps. Along with classic black, the pants also come in maroon, silver and royal blue.

The pants have eight rubber resistance bands built into them that run from your hips to your ankles. You put the pants on like leggings, and rest the bottom of the pants underneath your heels. That’s how the bands get their pull: you step on the hems underneath your heels and, as you move, you create resistance. It was a really cool feeling.

Over the course of three days, I committed to wearing them while working at my desk, walking, working out, doing chores around the house and even while sitting.

The first day, I wore the pants on my typical daily walk to grab a tea. I usually pump my arms for extra cardio on my morning walks (which gets tricky once I have my tea in hand!), but this time I instantly felt like my legs were working overtime. I didn’t even have to pump my arms because I felt like I was already getting in a walking workout.

I couldn’t believe how cute the pants looked with my workout top, too. I thought to myself, “If I’m going to be going on walks, why not wear the resistance band pants and get some added toning in?” I will definitely be wearing them for my walks in the future.

Having the pants on encouraged me to squeeze in more movement throughout the day.
Having the pants on encouraged me to squeeze in more movement throughout the day.

The next day I wore the pants while sitting at my desk and it reminded me that I needed to stand up and get in some movement throughout the day. I did some side lunges to stretch and instantly felt the resistance. I did some squats and knee lifts and, I’m not sure if it was in my head, but I thought I felt my core kick in more while doing knee lifts.

I also wore them while doing dishes and making a pepper chicken salad sandwich for lunch. I decided to do some leg lifts while doing the dishes, and it felt like I was wearing one of the mini resistance bands around my thighs as I lifted my leg out to the side.

The next day, I wore the pants while doing a yoga flow. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like the resistance bands upped the intensity, but they did make me move more mindfully because there was more tension in my movements. It was a cool way to practice yoga, especially if you’re looking for a more mindful way to practice with added toning benefits.

What I liked

I loved the comfort of the pants and how they weren’t bulky. I expected to put them on and feel like I was wearing a heavy piece of equipment, but they felt loose, more like stylish leggings. From a fitness perspective, I liked that they were a no-brainer to wear as I was going about my everyday activities. I don’t think I’m ever going to go on a walk without wearing them because I really felt the added benefit with no fuss, no hassle and no set up.

Unlike traditional resistance equipment that requires holding a band or getting my body into different workout positions to engage my muscles, I simply had to walk, squat or do my household activities to feel the resistance.

I also felt like wearing them served as a reminder to move more throughout the day, so I ended up getting more activity in simply by having them on.

What I didn’t like

I wish these had come out sooner! From a product design and function standpoint, I could not find anything wrong with them.

I’d recommend these to:

  • Anyone from a new mom (a great way to ease back into exercise) to a professional athlete looking to build strength everywhere and anywhere
  • People who want to burn calories and get toned without having to think about it
  • Someone who is motivated by novelty and trying unique fitness products
  • Those working from home who need a reminder to take breaks and move