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Pete Davidson explains the 'embarrassing' side of getting his 100+ tattoos removed

Davidson, 27, said he has two more years of painful laser removal treatments.
/ Source: TMRW

With more than 100 tattoos on his body, it's a good thing that Pete Davidson has a sense of humor about the painful laser tattoo removal treatments he's been getting to completely remove the ink from his body.

Davidson, 27, poked fun at himself in a hilarious new Smartwater commercial. At the start of the clip, Davidson is shirtless as a professional uses a laser on his left arm.

"I've made a lot of questionable choices, and a couple of them need removing," Davidson says at the start clip. "But now I'm trying to make smarter choices, hydrating with Smartwater and stuff like that."

Davison told People TV that he's already seeing results on one of his hands and gets his next treatment in a month or so, since it takes time between treatments for the ink to fade and the area to heal.

“They said by the time I’m 30, they should all be gone,” Davidson said. “So they got, like, two more years left of this.”

The "King of Staten Island" star, who is pictured shirtless on the movie poster, talked about his decision to remove his tattoos during an appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" in May.

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Davidson has more than 100 tattoos, which range from Winnie the Pooh to a portrait of Hillary Clinton.Mike Coppola / Getty Images

"I honestly never thought that I would get the opportunity to act and I love it a lot,” he said. "You have to get there three hours earlier to cover all your tattoos, because for some reason, people in movies, they don’t have that much."

While it's a career choice for Davidson, he hilariously explained the "embarrassing" side he has to put up with in order to get his tattoos removed.

"So I'll just be sitting there all high off the Pro-Nox, which I actually quite enjoy," Davidson told Meyers. "It's actually pretty fun. And then, all of a sudden, I'll just hear, 'Are you keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?'"

He explained that the person removing his tattoos, which include everything from the aforementioned "Family Guy" character to a portrait of Hillary Clinton, has to audibly describe each one before treating the area.

"Yeah, it's really embarrassing," Davidson added.