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What exactly is going on in this bonkers Netflix dating show?

Some of these matches are adora-bull, and some are the cat's meow. But are these dates really "blind"?
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone knows the truth about dating: It's a real jungle out there. And with Netflix's new series "Sexy Beasts," that's actually becoming a little more literally true!

That's right, there's a new show premiering on July 21 on Netflix in which people, dressed in elaborate headgear and makeup, are asked to go on blind dates with one another, and we are going totally ape over here about it.

On "Sexy Beasts," he doesn't want to bug her, but she could be his true porpoise in life.
On "Sexy Beasts," he doesn't want to bug her, but she could be his true porpoise in life.Netflix

"Ready to say goodbye to superficial dating?" the streaming service asked in a news release. "'Sexy Beasts' is the dating show that takes looks completely out of the equation (by) using fantastical, cutting-edge prosthetics to transform the daters — giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality!"

And we thank heaven they have filmed this for our edification.

Based on the teaser trailer posted on Twitter Wednesday, multiple duos of love seekers are sitting down with one another for drinks, then going out on activity dates — everything from bowling to skeet shooting — and commenting on how personality is always No. 1 with them.

Well, except for the beaver who insists that the rear assets matter first, then personality.

It's total panda-monium on "Sexy Beasts" as the dates get lined up for their good times.
It's total panda-monium on "Sexy Beasts" as the dates get lined up for their good times.Netflix

And, in case it wasn't perfectly obvious by now, all of this is done while these folks are in some of the most jaw-dropping, realistic (mostly) looking animal (largely) head costume creations we've ever seen. You get a devil with a mouse, a panda with a bull, a porpoise with a scarecrow.

Someone's feelin' foxy!
Someone's feelin' foxy!Netflix

The show appears to take blind dating and mash it up with "The Masked Singer," giving us lots of eye candy to enjoy.

A truly handsome devil.
A truly handsome devil.Netflix

Meanwhile, responses on Twitter have been nearly as awesome as the actual announcement.

"Netflix execs greenlit a show purely for reaction memes and they'll probably succeed," tweeted Dee.

"Everybody remembers that season of American Horror Story with the Minotaur.... That episode had forums and message boards lit up!" wrote LifeRuiner103.

That said, Lady Riven (among others) noted a particular flaw in this "blind date" plan:

"All those people are thin and attractive underneath of the costumes so the “based on personality alone” thing is a bit of a stretch," she wrote.

But we have to agree with this comment:

"I gotta admit that even if those costumes look kinda freaky, they are really well done! I hope the costume artists are getting well paid for their work," wrote AlpacaDibujos.

It sure is one way to bring sexy back ... with "Sexy Beasts."