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The nap dress is this year's most comfortable trend

These stylish, comfy dresses are becoming a wardrobe staple.
/ Source: TMRW

Forget the nightgown and say hello to this year’s hottest trend: the nap dress.

Many people have adjusted their daily wardrobe during this new work from home era, and the nap dress is the stylish yet comfortable piece that has become a staple of some women's quarantine wardrobes.

There are certain qualities that define a nap dress. They’re usually made of soft, breathable material and have an ethereal or special quality to them that makes them feel different than wearing an ordinary dress. While they’re as comfortable as a nightgown, they also include extra touches, such as lace and smocking that make them look stylish enough to wear from bed to brunch.

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While all of this might sound like an extra stylish nightgown or a glorified big T-shirt, nap dress enthusiasts are hooked on the trend, which can be traced back to Hill House Home.

“Nap Dress” is the *trademarked* name of a specific product made by Hill House Home,” CEO Nell Diamond wrote on Twitter. “We have been making these dresses since 2018. They are a nightgown/dress hybrid; comfortable for sleeping, but can also be worn as regular clothes.”

Hill House The Ellie Nap Dress

The company’s Ellie Nap Dress, complete with an A-line cut and cute ruffled sleeves, retails for $125. It’s so in-demand that current orders are expected to ship in mid-August.

Amazon also offers plenty of affordable options for dresses that meet the nap dress criteria.

The 1 for U Cotton Nightgown

Izzy + Toby Cotton Nightgown

Target also has a sleeveless, long-tiered dress for $24.99 that provides a more affordable option that’s still fulfills the nap dress requirements. The comfy dress was offered in seven colors, but only three are currently in stock, according to the website, proving that the nap dress phenomenon is definitely a thing.

A New Day Sleeveless Tiered Dress

For celebrity inspiration, look no further than Taylor Swift.

The singer arguably rocked a nap dress in photos for her latest album, "Folklore."

However, some people think the nap dress might just be clever branding.

“Any dress can be a Nap Dress if you’re lazy enough, tbh,” one Twitter user wrote.

Fair point!