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Meet our advice columnists — and see how they can help you

"Asking for a Friend" and more advice columns on TMRW x TODAY.
Caroline Moss, Minaa B. and Emily Pandise are here to help!
Caroline Moss, Minaa B. and Emily Pandise are here to help!
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Most of us like to think we can do everything on our own, but we all need a helping hand once in a while. Whether it's friendly advice from someone who has our best interest at heart, expert guidance from a licensed psychotherapist or financial tips when you find yourself in a pickle, TMRW is here to help.

Below, meet our three amazing columnists who are here to shoulder your problems as their own. And be sure to email your questions to

Asking for a Friend

Caroline Moss is the host of "Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!" a product-recommendation podcast produced by Forever35. She is co-author of "Hey Ladies!," a novel about a fictitious group of friends and the emails they send over the course of one year, and has written a series of children's books called "Work It, Girl." Now, with this column, "Asking for a Friend," she's helping people with the advice they need to make life easier, better and more productive.

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Ask a Therapist

Minaa B. is a licensed psychotherapist based in New York City as well as a speaker, writer and author of the book "Rivers are Coming." She works directly with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety and trauma, with a core focus on childhood and racial trauma. Minaa believes that advocacy, social justice and mental health intersect and hopes this new column, "Ask a Therapist," will help provide people with practical tools for self-care. You can learn more about Minaa by visiting her website at and finding her on Instagram at @minaa_b.

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Ask a Finance Whiz

Emily Pandise has covered business, tech and media for NBC News since 2017. In her early 20s, she realized she had no idea how to manage her money, so she set out to change her financial habits and learned a lot along the way. Now, she wants to help others do the same with her new column, "Ask a Finance Whiz." You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @emilypandise.

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