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'Love Is Blind' reunion: 7 things we learned

The tell-all episode brought the drama.
love is blind reunion
/ Source: TODAY

The extremely juicy "Love Is Blind" reunion episode has arrived to answer all the burning questions we had after the hit Netflix reality show came to a stunning conclusion last week.

Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey moderated the reunion, which went live on Netflix in the wee hours on Thursday morning, and found out the current relationship status of each person in the "Love Is Blind" cast.

Here are seven things we learned from the 'Love Is Blind' reunion:

1. Kenny Barnes is dating someone!

One of the most surprising breakups was between Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase, but it seems like they've both moved on.

Barnes revealed he's happily involved in a new relationship with a very special someone. "Not to sugarcoat it, I couldn't be doing better," he said at the top of the reunion. "This experiment, whether I understood it or not, allowed me to find the person I am with today 'cause it allowed me to open myself up and truly be vulnerable."

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He added, "I have the best girlfriend for me."

Chase did date a best friend (who was actually at their wedding), but is currently single. Fighting back tears, she admitted to her former fiancé, "I did love you but I was not in love with you."

"I have friend-zoned a lot of great guys in my life," she added. "Those are probably all the guys I should be marrying."

2. Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers are still together!

The drama between this pair would make for an incredible plotline on a fiery telenovela. Social media clues led us to believe that the pair were still together despite not getting married, and it turns out we were right!

"We are so together," Gibelli said. "Like every single day, waking up next to each other, going to the gym together, I don't wanna lose this and I didn't."

Looking back on Powers' decision to say "I don't," the pair agree it was awkward and embarrassing, but was ultimately the best thing for them in the end.

"I respect his decision," Gibelli said. "Where we are now is so right for us. We are getting to know each other at our own pace."

"It was definitely a strong love since the beginning," Powers added. "We pushed through a lot of challenges as did everyone here. I'm sorry I put her through that but I would stick by it again for where we are now."

3. Powers and Lauren Speed dated a lot in the pods

One couple who might have been? Powers and Lauren Speed! The two dated quite a bit before the engagements. And one of the things that connected them? Star Wars!

4. Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack have both gotten death threats.

The "Love Is Blind" reunion candidly covered the intense emotions between Morton and Jack, giving them both the floor to speak to the tension in their short-lived romance that stemmed from Carlton not being open about his sexuality.

The pair also addressed the social media backlash they've received since the show was released.

"It's very awkward," Morton revealed. "It's something new for me. I have gotten death threats. It brings you to a very dark space. The biggest misconception is that fluid people are like rabbits, just hopping around sleeping with everyone. That we have no self-control sexually."

Morton also addressed the backlash Jack has experienced, standing up for her and saying she'd been misjudged because of what went down between them. He explained, "I want to make it clear that the woman I fell in love with, I never felt she was bi-phobic or homophobic and that she wouldn't love me."

Before the reunion, Morton reached out to Jack to apologize. "That's how we were able to move forward and even be here today," Jack said.

Morton really tried to make amends during the reunion, when he got down on one knee and sort-of kind-of re-proposed to his former fiancé.

"My sole purpose of coming here today, I wanted to make it clear that I am here for you no matter what was said or what we been through," he said, before offering her a ring.

"Let's create something beautiful throughout the darkness and today I would like for it to be the start of creating something really beautiful."

Jack accepted his apology, proving their relationship has come a long way since we left them.

5. Jessica Batten apologized for being a "Messica."

Jessica Batten had the most to own up to walking into the reunion, especially after Amber Pike bluntly confronted her in the first few moments of the "Love Is Blind" reunion.

"I do definitely owe a major apology to you, Amber and Barnett," Batten admitted after Pike's choice words. "I super respect them both. I respect their relationship. It was definitely not good of me to ever question that."

Later, she also took the floor to make amends to Mark Cuevas regarding some of the things she said after drinking too much wine from those mysterious metallic cups.

"I really didn't like the person I saw and the things that played out," she said. "Obviously, I was really uncomfortable and I was drinking too much and that was really disturbing to see that play out and some of the comments I made that were derogatory."

Even after seeing all that, Cuevas still said he had a great deal of respect for her. Ugh, Mark! You are way too kind!

6. Amber Pike and Matt Barnett almost got divorced.

After confronting Batten for her "sheisty ways," Pike opened up to share that she and Barnett had to move out of their house because it may have been haunted (LOL) and that they almost got a divorce.

"We had such expectations out of what we wanted from a husband and a wife. We knew we were married, we knew we were in love but we were still learning each other," she explained.

Part of that tension came from a financial situation that found her more dependent on him, something she was not used to. Their partying, flirty behavior and stubborn attitudes got in the way too, so much so that she called a divorce lawyer at one point.

"Seeing how we're both so stubborn and strong-minded and bull-headed, we butt heads. It can be bad, it can be intense," she said.

But Barnett concluded that although they have encountered difficulties, they've overcome. "We stopped trying to force what we expect of each other," he said. "Once we stopped that, it's been only really good things since then."

7. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are seriously couple goals.

While Barnett and Pike seem to have found happiness between their keggers and credit checks, the real MVP couple from this bunch of star-crossed lovers is Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.

"Life for us has been really, really, good," Speed revealed. "I have never been as happy as I have been when I am with Cameron."

And while the only baby they have for now is a fur baby, family is definitely a focal point for this pair. They have worked hard on developing strong relationships with each other's parents, especially Speed's dad, since he took some convincing.

"Lauren's dad, I mean I love him, and we're family," Hamilton said, choking back tears.

"Both of our families are so important to us. I love Cameron's family," Speed said, later adding, "It's beautiful how our families have blended and merged."