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Lilly Singh's 2020 has had a lot of 'crying and cooking' — like all of us

"Crying and cooking" is absolutely our pandemic mood.
A Little Late With Lilly Singh - Season 1
Singh on her show in May 2020.Scott Angelheart / NBC
/ Source: TODAY

If you have become a self-trained chef this pandemic, comedian and TV host Lilly Singh can relate.

“I got really into cooking,” Singh told TODAY in an interview last week. “I do a lot of crying as well. So crying and cooking are just the two things. Are we not all just crying and cooking?”

Honestly, same.

“I always considered myself a decent cook but I think during quarantine I experimented with different recipes and made things I never thought I’d have the skillset to do,” she said. “And sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong!”

Singh — whose NBC show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh,” returns on Monday evening — added that she never quite got the sourdough bread trend, but benefitted from it nonetheless.

Singh strikes a pose on an episode of her show that aired in April.Scott Angelheart / NBC

“Everyone that works on my team got really into sourdough bread so I’ve received a lot of it,” she laughed. “But I haven’t made it personally.”

Her latest cooking kick has timed out well for a partnership with Lightlife, a plant-based meat products company. As a long-time vegetarian, Singh is offering advice for people to “make a clean break” from things on behalf of the company.

As for herself, she explained to TODAY, she’s doing her best to make a break from social media by cutting down on her screen time.

“I spend of lot of time on social media — or I used to — just scrolling mindlessly, letting all that information into my brain freely,” she said. “So now when I do things on my phone, I do it very intentionally.”

She added that she tries to set a limit of just five minutes of social media scrolling.

“I want to see what is trending to inform what I need go make a video about,” she explained. “It’s not just me scrolling for five hours anymore.”

Singh has plenty of trending topics to choose from with the ongoing election season and pandemic — things she’ll undoubtedly be covering on her late-night show. But she said she’s planning on switching some things up in her sophomore season now that she “knows the pieces and components” of what it takes to make things happen.

“I want to be human. People like to see humans and I don’t want just the thought of someone who has perfect hair and makeup behind a desk, hits her mark, looks at her camera (and) says the joke,” she said. “I just want to be me more authentically and imperfectly who I am.”

She added that even though 2020 has “uh, a time,” she’s hoping her comedy can help.

“I know this year is so weird but I think one of the great things is that we should never forget how to laugh (and) remember that we can choose to laugh,” she said. “The world needs to laugh and if I can help people laugh, that’s what I want to do.”