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Kylie Jenner's new swim line slammed by fans for being 'see-through' and 'cheaply made'

Kylie Swim customers are flooding TikTok with their brutally honest reviews of the new swimwear line.
/ Source: TODAY

Kylie Jenner's new swimsuit line, Kylie Swim, is getting terrible reviews on TikTok from some disappointed customers who claim the suits are cheaply made and have barely enough material to cover their bodies.

While the suits look good on the models on the Kylie Swim website, some people claim there's a big difference from what they expected and the skimpy, thin suits that arrived in the box.

"My first reaction to the suit was, 'Oh this looks cute' and then I pulled it out of the box and wondered 'where is the rest of the suit,' because it looked so tiny," Andrea Simon of Buffalo, New York, told TMRW.

Andrea Simon spent $80 on the swimsuit.heyitsandreah/TikTok

Simon ordered the "Cut It Out," suit, which has one shoulder strap and a midriff cutout. The $80 suit is one of four suits that are listed as sold out on the Kylie Swim website.

"I am also usually a Kylie stan, like, I love her skin care and makeup lines, so this was super disappointing," Simon said.

TikTok reviews mentioned sloppy stitching and paper thin material.Andrea Simon

She was one of many TikTok creators who shared their disappointment on the app.

In her post, Simon said she initially had to check the size on her swimsuit because she thought it looked small. When she realized it was in fact the size she ordered, Simon declared there was no way it would adequately cover even half of her chest.

She's not alone.

"The whole swimsuit is see-through. I don't understand. Once I move, everything’s going to be out. I would never wear this in public," influencer Laura Lee (@laura88lee) said in a TikTok. "They are the most unpractical swimsuits you could buy."

Another TikTok user named Kindred (@kindrel) said she might keep one of her suits, because she loves the adjustable bottoms. However, she called out Kylie Swim for using material that was "paper thin."

"I wasn't expecting the material to be so thin that it shows everything," she said.

Kylie Swim did not immediately respond to a request for comment and hasn't addressed the controversy on social media. However, the brand's Instagram was flooded with comments from disappointed customers.

As for Simon, she said she's ready to part ways with her purchase.

"I will absolutely not be wearing it!" she said. "I’m going to return it for sure and hope to raise more awareness as well."