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Jimmy Fallon invites TikTok dance creators to 'Tonight Show' after Addison Rae backlash

You’ve seen their moves, now meet them!
Jimmy Fallon features original TikTok dance creators on “The Tonight Show” following Addison Rae backlash.
Jimmy Fallon features original TikTok dance creators on “The Tonight Show” following Addison Rae backlash.YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Social media star Addison Rae paid a visit to “The Tonight Show” last month to show host Jimmy Fallon a variety of viral routines from the TikTok community. There was just one problem with the high-energy dance medley that followed — none of the original move-makers were credited for their choreography on the air.

That lack of attribution prompted some backlash, and since most of the choreographers in question are people of color, it seemed to be the latest example of a white TikToker showcasing content by Black creators without credit.

But as Fallon made clear on the latest episode of the late-night show, that was never the intention.

So to right any wrong, Fallon on Monday night announced that “the creators of those dances deserve to have their own spotlight” and invited the previously overlooked social media sensations to talk about their wildly popular dances and to demonstrate them for themselves.

Mya Nicole Johnson and Chris Cotter, who created a memorable routine to Cardi B’s “Up,” were among the talents showcased, as was the man responsible for the “Corvette Corvette” dance, Dorien Scott.

The duo behind the “Laffy Taffy” remix — with Fly Boy Fu on the music and Indii on the moves — also made an appearance via video, as did the trio who made the “Blinding Lights” dance, Adam Snyder, Nate Nale and Greg Dahl.

For the “Savage” routine, which was one of the standouts in Rae’s set, creator Keara Wilson delivered the steps herself, complete with a “hard ending” that she mastered early on.

Revisiting the routines with the choreographers proved a hit with the cheering “Tonight Show” audience and with fans on social media who raved about the dance do-overs.

As for Rae, who has nearly 80 million followers on TikTok, she addressed her “Tonight Show” bit in conversation with a TMZ paparazzo, saying she welcomed a collaboration with the choreographers. While the original talents weren’t credited on that episode, they were attributed alongside the original clip when it appeared on YouTube that same day, which Rae had also noted to TMZ.