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How onesie snowsuits are making a comeback during the pandemic

Outdoor dining in 40-degree temperatures doesn't seem so bad when you're wearing an adult snowsuit.
/ Source: TMRW

Onesie snowsuits are not just for adorably bundling up toddlers or spending a weekend at the ski chalet in Vail, thanks to the pandemic.

With a host of activities being pushed outdoors in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, one item of clothing straight out of Princess Diana's 1980s winter wardrobe has made a comeback.

Diana William And Harry Skiing Holiday
The late Princess Diana sports the type of onesie snowsuit that has seen a resurgence during the pandemic as she spends a day on the slopes with Prince Harry and Prince William. Tim Graham / Getty Images

As first noted by The Wall Street Journal, even people who have never been on a ski lift or strapped into a snowboard are embracing snow gear as a practical and stylish way to stay warm as winter hits and temperatures plummet across the country.

One woman even re-created a red, belted onesie snowsuit that Diana wore back in the '80s just to wear around Brooklyn, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The utility of a onesie snowsuit gained a new purpose when dining outside in 30-degree temperatures became an option people have actually chosen during the pandemic because of the risks of eating indoors outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Just earlier this month, a group of New Yorkers dined outside after a snowstorm to show their support for struggling restaurants.

People have been buying the onesies off eBay or from online sellers like WideSpread Threads, whose snowsuit sales have increased 78% compared to this time last year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Consumers are all about bright colors straight out of the '80s and '90s.

“The flashiest always sells the most,” Steven Candido, the owner of WidespreadThreads, told The Wall Street Journal. “If it’s neon and it’s bright and it says, ‘hey, look at me,’ that’s what people want.”

Randy Parker from "A Christmas Story" was not a big fan of the onesie snowsuit.
Randy Parker from "A Christmas Story" was not a big fan of the onesie snowsuit. MGM

The fashionable looks are a far cry from the old school onesie snowsuits that left Randy from "A Christmas Story" lamenting that he couldn't put his arms down. Throwing a bulky version on for some outdoor dining or to go walk the dog isn't like "getting ready for extended deep sea diving," as Ralphie put it in the classic Christmas movie.

Brands like Luxton Woman, a Canadian brand created by Dinah Luxton, offers a sleek and stylish onesie in black for taking a walk in the park or sitting for a meal outside on a frigid day.

“Being able to identify with your outerwear is actually really important to enjoying where you are,” Luxton told The Kit.

The increased interest in skiwear comes as actual ski areas have been hit hard by the pandemic, particularly after having to close early in the spring when it began spreading. Resorts have had to lay off employees, limit capacity and shut down indoor dining at some locations, according to The New York Times.