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Hilary Duff shares her genius mascara technique for looking more 'awake'

She also revealed the mascara she's "obsessed with."

From her breakout role as Lizzie McGuire to her current hit series "Younger," Hilary Duff has been working with makeup artists since she was a teenager. Needless to say, we definitely trust her when it comes to beauty tips.

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The 32-year-old actress shared her skin care and makeup routine video with Vogue, and it's filled with helpful tips and tricks.

Duff specifically pointed our her secret for an "awake" look, and it's all about how you apply your mascara. According to Duff, it's best to dab a thick coat in the middle of the lashes while applying a very light coat on the outer corners. Duff doesn't like her lashes to get too "catty," so focusing on the center provides a nice boost without going overboard.

So what does she reach for when it's time to apply? Duff uses a mascara by Grande Cosmetics that she's "obsessed with" since it's essentially a mascara and a lash serum in one.

The formula includes a blend of peptides, panthenols and natural waxes, which the brand claims will help condition lashes and ultimately lead to a fuller, healthier appearance.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara

Dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman told us the panthenols included could be especially helpful for those hoping to grow their lashes.

"Hair thrives on protein, iron, zinc and vitamins B6 (panthenol) & B12," Engelman told TODAY. "Since eyelashes are the same as scalp hair, lash serums that contain these ingredients work to help to nourish lashes, encouraging and extending growth."

New York-based dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah previously told TODAY that it's best to always take it slowly with any sort of lash serum before applying regularly.

"Apply as directed, avoiding the eyelid and eye itself," said Shah. "Before using, patch test it on another part of the skin, such as the inner arm."

Reviewers seem to be loving the mascara as much as Duff, as it currently has over 300 verified five-star reviews on Amazon.

"This stuff really works. I have issues with one side of my eyelashes and when I use this they really grow back more quickly and look fuller in the meantime! There is nothing that compares if you ask me!" a verified reviewer wrote.

Another buyer pointed out how inexpensive it is compared to lash extensions.

"This is very simple to use and within a month I had noticeably longer thicker lashes," the reviewer wrote. "Everyone around me is having lash extensions done, at a minimum price of $80/four weeks. This is a fraction of the cost, easy to use, and I don't have to make an appointment to use it."

Others were impressed by how well the formula held up all day.

"I have always had decent eyelashes, but since I turned 40, mine have been a little puny. I tried this one two years ago and I am SO IMPRESSED still with how full and fabulous my eyelashes look when I use it!" the verified buyer wrote. "I put it on in the morning and they look great all day long! I don't think my lashes have EVER looked so good!"

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