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'High School Musical' show, pop wunderkind Olivia Rodrigo to return in May for season 2

The second season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will premiere May 14.
/ Source: TMRW

Get ready for new solos from Olivia Rodrigo in the second season of "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series."

The second season of the hit Disney+ show will premiere on May 14. In the first season, the show followed teenagers at East High as they recreated "High School Musical" a full 15 years after the Disney Original Movie was filmed on the same stage.

This season will focus on the students as they prepare to put on "Beauty and the Beast" as their spring musical. Derek Hough, who played Zack, a drama teacher at rival school North High, will also be a recurring character throughout the second season.

During the season finale in January, Nini, who is played by Rodrigo, 18, and Ricky, who is played by Joshua Bassett, 20, got together and shared a romantic moment that fans had been waiting for. The two stars have also made headlines in real life, with fans speculating that Rodrigo wrote her hit song "Driver's License" about her rumored relationship with Bassett.

Rodrigo acknowledged she wrote the song while going through heartbreak, but hasn't confirmed who the mystery man is that inspired the song.

“When I came up with ‘Drivers License,’ I was going through a heartbreak that was so confusing to me, so multifaceted,” Rodrigo said in a press release. “Putting all those feelings into a song made everything seem so much simpler and clearer — and at the end of the day, I think that’s really the whole purpose of songwriting. There’s nothing like sitting at the piano in my bedroom and writing a really sad song. It’s truly my favorite thing in the world.”

"Driver's License" is so popular, it was even the basis of an entire "Saturday Night Live" sketch, where macho men get emotional listening to the song.

Rodrigo, who turned 18 last Saturday, reacted to the sketch on Twitter.