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Watch Hannah Brown's apartment go from cluttered to an organized oasis

The results are pretty impressive!
The "Bachelorette" star now has a clutter-free home.
The "Bachelorette" star now has a clutter-free home.Getty Images/ Hannah Brown/Youtube
/ Source: TODAY

Hannah Brown is tackling the clutter in her apartment with a little help from the pros.

The "Bachelorette" star recently turned to the experts at The Home Sort to transform her space into an organized oasis, and she's sharing the impressive results with her fans.

In a new video posted to her YouTube page, the "Dancing with the Stars" winner takes fans behind the scenes as the Home Sort team arrives at her apartment and gets to work.

"I live in disaster, like, truly disaster," the 26-year-old says, adding that she's in desperate need of their help. "I'm so excited, I've called my mom twice already."

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Brown walks the organizing pros through her apartment and points out a few problem areas, like her kitchen drawers — "I have 4,482 knives and spoons, I don't think I need that many," she says — and the packed pantry.

Next up? The bedroom closet, which Brown says gives her "instant anxiety" whenever she sees the cluttered racks and overflowing shoe baskets.

Brown has so many clothes that she's also taken over her second bedroom and piled clothes up on the bed.

"I've run out of space so now it's just on the bed. So if someone wants to come over they have to either move it or sleep on them," she explains.

While Brown heads out for a workout, the Home Sort team gets to work organizing her overstuffed bureaus and cleaning out her closets.

"This is the part where we say, 'It gets worse before it gets better,' and it's definitely worse," one of the pros says.

When Brown returns, she's blown away by her organized kitchen pantry and the neat system the Home Sort team has put in place in her bedroom closet. Her drawers have also been whipped into shape.

"Oh, my gosh, it's labeled and it's color coordinated. It looks beautiful," she says as she looks through her bureau. "Show me more!"

Brown's new space has a spot for everything, and she sure seems happy with her new clutter-free space.

"It's going to change the way I live, so it does change your life," she says.