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Catt Sadler opens up about Covid-19 diagnosis and her push for vaccinations

The TV personality and podcast host gets candid about her breakthrough case of Covid-19 and why she's encouraging others to get vaccinated.
A Luncheon Celebrating the Launch of NAKED PODCAST with Catt Sadler At the Shiseido Sun Malibu Beachhouse
The podcast host has been documenting her condition on social media.Greg Doherty / WireImage
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Catt Sadler, the TV host known for standing up for equal pay rights for women, has made it clear that even fully vaccinated individuals need to be careful when it comes to Covid-19. On July 13, she posted a carousel of images on Instagram, including a selfie, which featured a caption starting with, “This is important. READ ME.” She went on to reveal that she contracted the virus and that “Delta is relentless.”

In our conversation on TMRWxTODAY, Sadler gave us the scoop on her diagnosis, why everyone who can be vaccinated should and the latest on her new podcast.

Sadler, who is fully vaccinated with Moderna, revealed that she contracted the virus when taking care of her unvaccinated son, who was ill with Covid-19. The day after she got her first symptom, she went to an urgent care facility and got a rapid test, which came back negative. She then felt much worse, to the point of being unable to get out of bed, so she requested a house call from a doctor and a PCR test came back positive.

“When you’re exposed, you’re always at an increased risk of catching Covid. I recorded my podcast the day after my son got (the virus) and I remember saying on my show, when I was completely healthy at the time, there are breakthrough cases — let’s not forget. It can happen. You’re protected from hospitalization and death, but you can get sick. I said all of that. Three days later, I was one of those cases,” she said.

There have been quite a few misconceptions about Sadler’s Covid-19 journey, she told us. For one, some have accused her of getting paid by the CDC and "The View" for publicly talking about her experience. She also shared that it remains incredibly important to get vaccinated. While the vaccines cannot prevent infection 100%, we know they are very effective in preventing hospitalizations and death.

She said the biggest misconception about her story is people thinking that you shouldn’t get vaccinated, even if you can get sick.

“I want to make it very clear that I did not fake Covid and have certainly not been paid or am in cahoots with the CDC. I didn’t sign up to receive some kind of crazy compensation. I also want to reiterate what the doctors, experts and scientists are saying: The vaccine is intended to save your life, keep you out of the hospital and prevent more deaths than we’ve already seen," she said. "From the statics I’ve been looking at, the medical community is saying that the people who they’re seeing in the hospitals and losing their battles with Covid are the unvaccinated. I’m out here to say let’s end this pandemic, and until we can get this other half of the population vaccinated, we’re going to keep cycling this back and forth. Don’t we all want to get back to normal?”

To certain people with medical issues who can’t get the vaccine, she added, “I see you.”

With many areas of the country firming up on mask mandates again, Sadler echoed that it’s important to mask up, especially when you’re in crowds indoors — including those who are vaccinated.

“It’s one extra layer of protection — why not? It’s so simple and so easy to do. For now, until we hear more direction from the people from up above who are guiding us through this, we need to not forget this is all new territory for the medical experts and scientists steering us," Sadler said. "We can’t predict (the future); there’s no crystal ball on how this plays out. We need to try to be as patient for what we know now and adapt to the world we live in. It’s not just about you — it’s about the 'we.'”

Like many who have contracted Covid-19, Sadler lost her senses of taste and smell. She looked to a popular TikTok trend to try to bring them back: burning an orange on a stove.

“You don’t realize until it happens to you how a bummer it is to lose your smell and taste. I did the TikTok hack the first time, and nothing happened. I did it again the second day, and I started noticing the burning smell a bit, and then the third day I really noticed I was getting some of my smell back. I thought, man, I can’t say for certain there’s a connection between the two, but I did it a couple of times. I also listened to a podcast on 'The Daily' about a food critic who lost her taste and smell. An expert talked about how to equate smell and the experience of tasting food to memory and emotion. My son brought me some spices and I spent a few minutes smelling strong spices. Now I’m about 70%-80% back. I feel very lucky.”

Sadler also shared that she'll be going into more details on her new podcast, “It Sure Is A Beautiful Day.”

It's equal parts inspiration and celebration, featuring in-depth interviews with notable guests and celebrities as well as members of her inner circle of family and friends.

“I promised my followers in an upcoming episode of the podcast I’ll fully break down my Covid journey, providing all the details on what supplements I took and practices I did to get me through and recover the way I did, from Chinese herbs to the burnt orange experiment, and more.”