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7 things you're about to see at every wedding

The bridal pantsuit is here to stay.
/ Source: TODAY

Take a seat, traditional wedding gown — these days more and more brides are opting for pantsuits.

Etsy just released its wedding trend report for 2020, and it’s giving us a glimpse into what’s hot for the big day.

“Couples are tossing wedding traditions out the window this year, focusing on what matters most to them and embracing inclusivity, sustainability and originality,” Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson tells TODAY. “Weddings are no longer about what’s expected, but what truly reflects the personalities and values of the couple.”

Based on search data from the site, the company is predicting these 7 trends will be big this year:

1. Bridal Pantsuits

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
Some brides are replacing traditional ball gowns with power suits in 2020.Etsy

Etsy saw a 24% increase in searches for bridal jackets and a 4% increase in searches for women's pantsuits in the last six months, suggesting some brides might swap the ball gown for a power suit.

Isom Johnson thinks this is the most surprising trend. “We’re always seeing updates to the traditional white gowns — from pops of colors to shortened hemlines — but today’s bride is taking it a step further with suit sets,” she says. “I love that this trend encourages brides to wear whatever makes them feel beautiful and comfortable to their weddings.”

2. '70s-inspired gatherings

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
Groovy, baby!Etsy

If Etsy searches are any indication, wedding style will be getting more groovy this year with a nod to the '70s. From retro color palettes to disco decor, there’s plenty you can do with inspiration from the decade. Searches for both "‘70s invitations" and "disco ball items" went up 18% in the last six months.

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3. Nontraditional wedding parties

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
It doesn't matter the gender of the attendant, just that you're close with them.Etsy

Weddings are starting to look more and more like real life — and since your best friends may not all be the same gender, your wedding party doesn't have to be, either. Couples are throwing out traditional bridal party roles in favor of including all people (and pets!) that matter most to them. Etsy saw a 171% increase in searches for "bridesman items" and a 72% increase in searches for "best woman items."

4. Vintage rings

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
Art deco engagement rings are hot for 2020.Etsy

Everything old is new again, and that includes jewelry. Vintage wedding rings saw a 20% increase in searches on Etsy, with the geometric styles from the art deco era among the most popular. Not only are they pretty, but — bonus! — they’re sustainable, too.

5. Wellness-themed favors

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
Send guests home with some relaxation.Etsy

If you’re headed to a wedding this year, you might find things like crystals, candles or soap on the favor table. Etsy has seen search growth for guest gifts that promote relaxation, which definitely comes in handy after a night of celebrating.

6. Sustainable style

Searches for reused, recycled or reclaimed wedding items increased by 7% on the site in the last six months, showing that brides and grooms are thinking about the environment more and more as they plan their big day. In fact, Isom Johnson predicts this will be a growing trend well into next year, too.

“Shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases, and I predict that they will continue to make sustainable choices when planning their weddings,” she says.

7. Coordinated couples’ jackets

Etsy Wedding Trends 2020
The new trend is twinning with your partner.Etsy

It’s a photo op made for Instagram: the happy couple looking off into the sunset cuddled up while rocking matching jackets that read, “Just Married.” Coordinated jackets (think everything from hand-painted denim to embroidered leather) saw a 15% jump in searches over the last three months.