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6 podcasts to listen to before Super Tuesday

These audio episodes will help you prepare before the primaries.
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Did you know there are more than 30 million podcast episodes out in the universe? It’s incredibly overwhelming. So throughout the year, we here at TMRW are going to try to narrow those down and help you find exactly what’s worth your ear time.

Let's start with Super Tuesday.

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Fourteen states will be holding primaries on Tuesday, March 3. Why is this so important? What's going on with the election in general? We’ve got a range of podcasts to get you ready to really understand the context when you watch those returns on Tuesday night.

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1. "Dad, I have a question""What is Super Tuesday"

On this podcast, Spencer Rascoff (founder of Dot.LA and former CEO of Zillow) answers his son Luke’s very straightforward question: What is Super Tuesday? For anyone who needs a simple primer on why this day is meaningful (and how the rest of the process works), it's worth downloading.

2. "So You Wanna Be President with Chris Matthews"

MSNBC host Chris Matthews and a group of historians, campaign veterans and journalists take a deep dive into winning campaigns. This six-episode series concentrates on six lessons learned and gives the listener a historical context into which they can place the actions of today’s candidates.

3. "Election Ride Home"

Every day at 5:00 p.m. you can catch up with a 15-minute summary of what's happened in the various campaigns that day.

4. "Pantsuit Politics"

The two hosts — Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers — are good friends with very different views when it comes to politics. Holland (a progressive) and Silvers (a conservative) have very amicable, emotional and real conversations about what’s going on in Washington and in each campaign. They’ll be on the ground throughout the election, including on Super Tuesday.

5. "Presidential"

Bone up on past presidents by making your way through this series hosted by The Washington Post’s Lillian Cunningham and her guests which include biographers Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Meacham and David McCullough as well as journalists from tje paper. The 45 episodes cover each of our country’s first 45 presidents: how they dealt with crises, made decisions and what they believed their role as the president meant.

6. "Meet the Press"

If you’re unable to catch the show on Sunday mornings, no worries. You can listen to recordings of "Meet the Press" in podcast form. Host Chuck Todd and his panel of guests will get you caught up on all the political news of the week.