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5 things we learned about 'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale on TMRWxTODAY

The actress talks about life since "Pretty Little Liars," her new project and why 32 is about to be her best year yet.
Would she do a "Pretty Little Liars" reunion? "Never say never!”
Would she do a "Pretty Little Liars" reunion? "Never say never!”Karma
/ Source: TMRW

Lucy Hale rose to fame during her seven-season stint playing Aria Montgomery in "Pretty Little Liars," and fans have been simply obsessed since. The actress, originally from Memphis, gets candid during our wide-ranging interview on TMRWxTODAY. Here are a few things we learned!

1. She recently got a tattoo of a daisy in celebration of her 32nd birthday.

The actress rang in her 32nd birthday on June 14 and is really enjoying her 30s. While she had a fun, leisurely day spending time with pals in London, where she’s currently in production of her newest series, she also celebrated by getting a new tattoo.

“I can’t stop, won’t stop with the tattoos! Some of my tattoos have deep meanings, like my grandmother’s handwriting. But this one was a spontaneous decision — I just thought it was really cute," she said. "I’m kind of that girl who doesn’t overthink tattoos. There are two types of people, the people who will never get one and then the people who are spontaneous, like me! I’m finally in tune with what my priorities are in life and what makes me feel myself.”

2. She wouldn't say no to a "Pretty Little Liars" sequel.

Comeback series are trending big time these days, between "Sex and the City," "Gossip Girl," the "Friends" reunion and more. As for Hale’s thoughts on bringing back "Pretty Little Liars?" “Never say never!”

“We’ve all gone on to do other things, but I’ll always remember and hold that show so close to my heart. Without that I wouldn’t be where I am, and I know that. I’ll always hold pieces of Aria with me. It’s a show people will continue to watch. There are so many episodes, I’m so impressed when people say they binge-watched it! I’m like, did that take you a year?!”

3. She’s partnering with a line of sustainable, plant-based dog food.

It’s no secret that Hale is obsessed with her two dogs Elvis and Ethel if you take a look at her Instagram page. Quick backstory on their names: As a Memphis native, one dog is named after the famous Memphis resident Elvis Presley. Ethel is named after the character Ethel Mertz from "I Love Lucy," which she loved to watch with her grandmother. Now, she’s teaming up with new dog food brand Karma (plant-first dog food) to show that we can all have a part in creating a more sustainable world, even for our four-legged friends!

“In the last year, I’ve been really focused on being more sustainable," Hale said. "I’ve been much more committed to recycling and using less paper, single-loose plastic and even driving less. I also wanted to make a sustainable choice with my pets. The packaging is totally recyclable, and we even have an online community for pet owners and lovers who are looking to give back with their pets."

4. She’s currently living in London to film her new series, "Ragdoll."

Hale is living in London to film the new AMC series. She plays DC Lake Edmunds, a new recruit at the London Metropolitan Polic, who’s tasked with investigating a murderer known as the “Ragdoll Killer.”

“Here’s what I can share for now: It’s disturbing, dark and based off a book," she shared. "I’m going back to my crime murder days, and it’s been such a blast filming in London and working with some unbelievable British actors. This project is very different for me, and it just feels cool to be here.”

5. She was a winner of "American Juniors," the kid’s spinoff of "American Idol."

Music has been important to Hale since starting her career. In 2003, she first appeared on television as a contestant on "American Juniors," finishing in fourth place. She was part of a group with the top five contestants, who ended up disbanding in 2005. As for whether she’s open to judging a music competition show today?

“Definitely! I love music and every type of show like that. That’s where I got my start way back in the day," she said. "Maybe we just manifested that for my life?!”