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5 things we learned about 'Bling Empire' star Christine Chiu on TMRWxTODAY

The reality TV star dished on life since season one, where things stand between the cast, her latest project and so much more!
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Christine Chiu is a breakout star on the Netflix reality hit "Bling Empire." But we learned a lot more about her in our interview on TMRWxTODAY!Nicolette Lambright
/ Source: TMRW

"Bling Empire" breakout star Christine Chiu knows how to bring out the glamour and extravagance! The larger-than-life personality has throngs of fans who love her confident personality and swoon-worthy personal style — which we got to see throughout season one of the hit Netflix show. The personality, wife, and mom (we miss Baby G!) joined us over on TMRWxTODAY to give us a life update since her reality TV debut and the latest scoop on friendship dynamics among the cast, what we can expect in season two (yes, that’s happening!) and more.

Here’s what we've learned.

1. She's not only a star of the show, but a producer, too!

As a producer, Christine chose to put the interest of the show above her own personal interests as a cast member, sometimes highlighting moments that were difficult for her to watch.

The reality star said she's OK with a "spicier Christine" if it helps the show.Christian Arias

“I’m at a place in my life where I’m comfortable with who I am, so if a spicier Christine would help season one of the show be more entertaining, then I was all for it!" she said. "We had a cast of really interesting people with interesting stories, perspectives and popping personalities. The magic was there, so all I had to do was bring a little sass. We all shared our true struggles and incorporated some splashes of glitz and glamour on the way!”

2. She appreciates athleisure as much as haute couture

Christine’s couture wardrobe provided no shortage of eye-candy throughout the season (let’s not forget the iconic Louis Vuitton necklace that was a heated topic of conversation), but she also appreciates a pair of sweatpants as much as the next gal. “I truly have an interest in fashion education and history and am very invested in the creative vision of fashion designers. But everyday, I love being in sweatpants! I’m in sweats all the time, which is why no one ever probably recognizes me [laughs]. My hair is in a bun and I have my sweats on with Uggs. I’m most comfortable in that,” she said.

3. She was offered a role on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

"Bling Empire" wasn’t Christine’s first opportunity to take on the small screen. Christine shared the same talent agent as former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville and was offered a role on the show. “At the same time, my dog was very ill, and we had a family member pass. It was a very somber time for my family, so I wanted to give them the respect and time for mourning," she said. "I also didn’t think it was fair for Housewives to not have 200% of me coming into the season. I’m grateful they gracefully let me back out of that.”

Christine Chiu with her husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, and her son, Gabriel, aka Baby G.Dina Douglass

4. She’s on good terms with co-star Anna Shay

There was a lot of drama between Christine and co-star Anna Shay throughout the series. Toward the end, the duo was barely communicating. But looking ahead to season two, Christine is hoping that narrative will change.

“When you put yourself out there, you have to have thick skin. There were so many moments where I was like, 'Christine, you went for it!' A lot of the interactions with Anna were very cringey for me to watch because that’s not how I am in real life, but I hope it was entertaining! Anna’s mischievously funny and we’ve had a couple of laughs about how aggressive we both were in season one."

5. She’s launching her own line of children’s books

Education has always been at the core of Christine’s philanthropic efforts, and she’s excited to launch her own line of children’s books. “I feel like if we can catch kids early on and help them become more aware of their surroundings, empower, enlighten themand teach them lessons on inclusivity and acceptance, we’re creating a better world.”