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How 3 small businesses have adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic

These companies learned to adapt to COVID constraints to create something wonderful.

Ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking fuel the entrepreneurial spirit that defines so many small businesses. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit this spring, small businesses across the country found new ways to serve their customers.

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From fashion to self-care, we are highlighting three unique small businesses who have learned to adapt to the constraints of the coronavirus to create something wonderful.

1. The Dirty Cookie

Nostalgia is certainly having a moment, and The Dirty Cookie takes that classic milk and cookie experience of childhood to the next level with shot glass-molded cookie cups. For owner Shahira Marei, starting a small business was always about fostering a strong community for her employees. But as the catering industry began to feel the impact of pandemic-related lockdowns, Marei was forced to lay off her entire production staff in March.

These unprecedented times have reinforced the importance of flexibility for the aerospace project manager turned entrepreneur. Marei’s solution to bouncing back? Releasing DIY cookie shot decorating kits. Perfect for children and adults alike, the decorating kits include six cookies in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip and red velvet. Quarantine has inspired a sense of culinary adventure in many of us, and cookie kits are a unique, delectable addition to your kitchen.

Dog Lover Cookie Shot Decorating Kit

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2. The Tiny Tassel

Happiness, a key component in navigating uncertain times like these, was the core value that inspired Mimi Striplin to launch The Tiny Tassel in 2015. Striplin's tassel earrings are vibrant, colorful statement pieces that evoke the feelings of sunshine and summertime. The Tiny Tassel is a family affair, too. Thanks to her mother’s sewing skills, Striplin also sells Tiny Tassel garments, including classic shift dresses and wrap skirts.

As boutiques that sold Striplin's products had to shut their doors, The Tiny Tassel turned to online revenue. This shift provided her the opportunity to reevaluate what makes her company strong. Through reflection and restructuring, Striplin led The Tiny Tassel to its largest revenue period in the company’s five-year history.

The Flemming Tassel Earring

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3. Pursoma

In a time when we're constantly looking out for one another, it can be difficult to take the opportunity to relax and treat ourselves. Self-care is different for everyone, and there is no one key step to mastering the practice, but Pursoma products aims to help you take a step towards wellness.

For Pursoma founder Shannon Vaughn, bath rituals were key to her recovery from PTSD. Inspired to make this ritual accessible to all, Vaughn formulated bath soaks full of essentials oils and natural salts to melt away the stress of the day. The De-Stress Kit, available for $29 to TODAY viewers, is a combination of a rejuvenating bath soak and deep sleep body oil. With ingredients like lemon verbena and geranium, this kit is formulated to help you tune out and enjoy the moment.

Prior to the pandemic, Pursoma found success in the wholesale marketplace, eventually landing on the shelves of over 500 Ulta Beauty stores across the country. The shift to online orders helped Pursoma forge new relationships with customers. Thanks to her in-house manufacturing and distribution facility, Vaughn has been able to navigate her company through extraordinary circumstances.

De-Stress Bath Kit

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