What, no touchscreen? These kids are totally confused by old computers

The children featured in the new “Kids React to Old Computers” video probably view the iPod as an antiquated piece of technology. When confronted by an Apple II computer from the late 1970s, they might as well be Indiana Jones examining a relic from biblical times. 

Just watching them turn the thing on is hilarious. The concept of a floppy disk is completely foreign to them, and so is the idea that the Web had not even been invented when the Apple II was originally released in 1977.

"I don’t get it and also I don’t get the 1970s," said one confused child. 

Finally, after turning the computer on, fiddling with disk drive and typing in some commands, they finally get to play a game. Most of them were not impressed. One child, however, had some faint praise, saying, "At least it’s better than Flappy Bird."