Larger photos, pins, more: Twitter reveals redesign exclusively on TODAY

The TODAY Twitter feed gets a new look.

Twitter is rolling out a redesign and new users have first dibs.

It was only a few weeks ago that Twitter was celebrating its eighth birthday. On Tuesday, it showed off how much it had changed in the Orange Room.

The biggest tweak? An emphasis on photos, including larger header and profile pictures. Tweets that are particularly popular — meaning people have "favorited" and re-tweeted them — will show up larger in their timeline, making it easier to quickly spot what messages people are reacting to (for better or, in Stephen Colbert's case, for worse).



The redesign also gives users the ability to pin certain tweets to the top of their timeline, giving them a little more control over what visitors see.

Existing Twitter users will see their profiles change over the next few weeks. New users, on the other hand, will see the different look right away — a move meant to add to Twitter's 241 million active monthly users. 

With all this change, we want to hear from you. Why do you tweet? Tell us using #WhyITweetTODAY.





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