'Texts from Hillary' Tumblr shows Clinton at her coolest

Texts from Hillary / Tumblr / Today

My goodness! Manipulating images Hillary Clinton has certainly has come a long way since last May. That's when Orthodox Hasidic Jewish newspaper, Der Tzitung, Photoshopped the Secretary of State straight out of the much-memed image of the White House Situation Room. Remember?

Finally, Clinton is back and super bad with her very own dedicated Tumblr, Texts from Hillary.

The new Tumblr is the creation of of D.C. PR guys Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, Mashable reports. The gag is based on two very similar photos — shot last October by Kevin Lamarque (Reuters) and Diana Walker (Time) —  of Clinton aboard a military C-17 aircraft, checking out her cellphone, and wearing sunglasses. Rather than looking hungover or like a vampire, Clinton embodies the third thing someone wearing sunglasses inside might be — cooler than your brain could possibly comprehend. 

Smith and Lambe work that image to the max, juxtaposing it with photos that reveal Clinton trolling everyone from Sarah Palin and President Barack Obama, to "Pretty Little Liars," a free-car offering Oprah Winfrey and the ever-texting Jeff Winger of "Community." Our favorite so far: A cross pollination of the still-hilarious Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Tumblr meme. And the collection continues to grow, as Texts from Hillary adds fan submissions of the latest meme the Internet lovingly runs into the ground.

Texts from Hillary / Tumblr / Today

This kind of a tribute is a step up from the Der Tzitung fracas, when the highly religious newspaper digitally removed Clinton from the company of Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and members of the national security team as they received updates on the mission against Osama bin Laden, on the grounds that it never publishes pictures of women. The reason is that they could be "sexually suggestive."

And ugh. Let's not even talk about 2008, when Obama's speech writer Jon Favreau posted a photo of himself  on Facebook posing with a cardboard cutout of Clinton, smiling and grasping at the cutout’s two-dimensional breast while his backward baseball cap-wearing bro holds a beer to the Clinton effigy's mouth and makes a kissy-face on her ear.

In fact Internet, may we suggest you a move on juxtaposing those two images so Secretary Clinton can finally shut down those two bros in the manner they so richly deserve? 

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