Survey: 62% of Americans watch over 3 hours of TV daily

Sony / Today

The next time you feel guilty about wasting half an hour on watching a sitcom, consider this: 62 percent of Americans spend more than three hours glued to their television sets each day.

Sony Electronics shared this statistic after commissioning research firm Harris Interactive to survey more than 2,500 U.S.-based adults in order to learn more about their television watching habits.

It's worth noting that a study conducted by the media researchers at Nielsen in November 2010 — one year ago — suggested that the average person is watching over five hours of television each day.

Suddenly the new numbers don't seem so bad, huh? 

Other details discovered during the Harris Interactive survey — which was conducted online in November 2011 — are that 32 percent of Americans are unhappy with their televisions' sizes and that 31 percent are embarrassed by the age of their TV sets.

No word on how many hours are spent idly flipping through channels and proclaiming that "there's nothing good on!"

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