Spruce up your selfies with Lil Bub's new 'Tuxedo Kittie' app

One of the most famous Internet cats is helping us move beyond 2013, the year of the selfie and create ever stranger self portraits with her very own mobile app, now available for iOS and Android devices.

Tuxedo Kittie
Lil Bub is continuing her ascent to pop culture stardom with a new photo editing app.

"Tuxedo Kittie" is the latest multimedia venture from Lil Bub, the celebrity cat best known for her adorably bug-eyed, tongue-sticking out expression that helps set her apart from her more dour compatriots like Colonel Meow and Grumpy Cat. It works the same way as any popular mobile photo-editing software, except instead of providing users with faux-vintage filters, Tuxedo Kittie lets them apply weird space-age filters and stickers that all pay homage to the famous feline in one way or another.

In other words: watch out CatPaint; there's a new cat-based photo-editing mobile app in town.

This isn't the first step that Lil Bub has taken into establishing herself as a media mogul of sorts. At little more than two years old, the cat already has a book, a feature-length documentary produced by VICE, and a web series to her name. She even produced her own hour-long Yule log video last year for the holidays, which has already garnered almost 1.75 million views.

With all the money and fame already behind her, stepping into the vibrant world of mobile apps was only a matter of time. I wouldn't be surprised if her next move is to fire a shot at Catmoji and try to establish a competing cat-centric social network. But let's just hope that doesn't mean there will be years of cantankerous litigation once Grumpy Cat shows up, Winklevoss-style, and starts demanding royalties.

You can check out some of the weird and wonderful photos that Lil Bub fans are already submitting through Tuxedo Kittie and download the app here


One of Lib Bub's fans reminded us that the cat's media empire extends even further than we originally made specified:


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