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Sorry, Bieber! Rihanna is the most viewed artist on YouTube

Herrick Strummer / Today
Rihanna performs live in Montpellier, France on June 2, 2013.

Bad news for the Biebs! On Tuesday, Rihanna passed the teenage heartthrob as the most viewed artist on YouTube.

Rihanna's official YouTube account currently has over 3,789,000,000 views while Bieber's has just under 3,783,000,000. Both artists joined the video-sharing site in 2009 — Rihanna in May and Bieber in September — and have built substantial subscriber bases since then. Rihanna's account has over 8,751,000 subscribers while Bieber's has over 4,966,000.

At this point, it's not hard to beliebe, err, believe that Bieber's being knocked down on the YouTube charts. Don't forget that South Korean super-sensation Psy's "Gangnam Style" previously nudged down Bieber's "Baby" music video (and even beat it to a billion views).

As Billboard's William Gruger points out, Bieber's not keeping up with Rihanna outside of YouTube either. He's got merely 54 million likes on Facebook, compared to her 72 million. But at least there's always Twitter, where Bieber recently became the first person to surpass 40 million followers.

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