Month-old puppy rescue a viral Valentine

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By Suzanne Choney and Suzanne Choney

Whether you get flowers, a card or the crown jewels on this Valentine's Day, there's nothing more from the heart than a video-gone-viral showing the rescue of a 4-week-old puppy that had been trapped in an underground pipe for 12 hours in Detroit.

The tiny pup, a Daschund mix, somehow crawled into a basement drain and wound up stuck about 15 feet away from where he fell. He was lodged in a 3-inch, cast-iron pipe that connects a storm drain line beneath his owner's house, said the Detroit News.

The pup's panicked yelps can be heard from the street in the video, taken by the Michigan Humane Society last week, and now viewed by more than 220,000 people on YouTube. The society, along with the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society and crews from private plumbing and excavation companies worked to rescue the tiny fella who is now back with his mom.

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Aaron Baughey, of the excavating company, said he and a co-worker dug a trench about 7 feet deep to get to the dog.

"We had to get below the floor, then tunneled back by hand under the floor along the pipe until we could get him out," he told the newspaper.

Seeing the pup pulled out is an amazing sight on the video, and hearing the animal officer's pronouncement of the pup's condition — "A little bit cold .. and a little bit dehydrated .... but in a lot better shape than I thought" — is one of those feel-good moments that come along so rarely these days. There really is nothing like true puppy love.

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