Make you sweat! Apps and gadgets to get your health back on track

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By Carley Knobloch

We all wish we could get ourselves to the gym more often, but often things just get in the way (like a couch, or a tub of ice cream). No more excuses, because I’ve pulled together some gadgets and tools to help you get your health and fitness back on track. From what you’re wearing, to what you’re drinking, to how you figure out how well you’re doing — there’s an app, gadget or some gear to motivate you (yes, even to do that extra set of crunches.

Swoob Racerback Sports Bra, ($45)
I've heard of stuffing your bra, but this is ridiculous: The swoob sports bra has pockets for your smartphone, keys, energy gels and chapstick. And all the pockets are water-resistant, so your stuff doesn't get sweaty. Perfect for the runner who likes to run, hands-free.

Electric Yoga Anti-Slip Yoga Pant, ($59) 
If you've ever slipped out of downward-facing dog onto your snout, you know that it can be hard to get your feet to stick when you’re deep in a yoga pose. This ingenious pair of yoga pants takes care of the predicament with it’s non-stick anti-slip foot coverings. 

Jump Snap Ropeless Jump Rope($39.95) 
Jumping rope is one of the best full body workouts, but you can’t keep your heart rate up if you’re tripping on the rope! The ropeless jump rope means you can skip to your hearts content, as well as track your calories burned, your time jumping, and the number of jumps.

Ever Bamboo Deoderizers, ($9.95 for 3)  
All that working out is bound to make your gym bag a little bit stinky. Call in these clever dehumidifier-slash-deoderizers, made from charcoal and bamboo. Both materials absorb moisture and odor, so they’re perfect for garages, basements, diaper pails, litter boxes, or anything that might out-stink your gym bag.

DodFitness Knee donuts, wrist wedges, neck circles, (start at $9.99)  
If there are exercises you steer clear of because they put uncomfortable pressure on your neck, wrists or knees, then DodFitness has you covered. Modifiers take the pressure off your joints so you can feel more comfortable doing exercises that were previously off limits. The knee donuts are even safe for those who have had knee surgery.

Kor Nava Water Bottle, ($29.95)
The team at Kor set out to develop a plastic bottle killer, and it looks like they've succeeded: Kor is BPA-free, has a comfortable drinking spout, and a filter inside made of coconut shells, so you can use any tap to fill up and have filtered water every time. Oh, and it’s gorgeous. 

Carley Knobloch is a TODAY contributor and digital lifestyle expert. She's the host and founder of Digitwirl, a Webby-nominated web show designed to help busy women discover technology that "just works.” Digitwirl brings together Carley’s obsession with all things tech, her passion for problem-solving and her knack for curating the best resources for her audience. She also decodes smart home technology on, and has appeared on The Ricki Lake Show and EXTRA. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, Springer Spaniel, and myriad tablets.