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Google Glass gives front row seats to Valentine's Day proposals

No sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? That’s OK, the Internet — specifically, Google — is spreading the love. 

First, there’s “Marry Me,” the latest in the company’s Google Glass Explorer Story YouTube series, a short user-generated film shot through the eyes of women and men wearing the hands-free tech device in the midst of a marriage proposal. (Spoiler Alert: Everyone says yes!) The videos give the traditional down-on-one-knee act a charming modern twist — not to mention a fun documented account to share with the grandkids one day. 

The Google Doodle homepage today features candy hearts, each with a unique audio love story users can listen to.

Then there’s the search engine’s Google Doodle homepage today. You’ll want to take a few minutes to click the six cute candy hearts (“Crush,” “Mr. Right,” “First Kiss,” “4Ever Yours,” “Puppy Luv” and “Blind Date”), each featuring stories of love narrated by “This American Life” host Ira Glass. Ranging from a middle-school crush to a blind date to a relationship that’s lasted more than 40 years, they’re sweet as a box of chocolates. And, yes, we cried during at least three of them. So, thanks Google, for the Valentines — who says the Internet can’t give a big ol’ hug?

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