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Get the lowdown on must-have apps for all ages

Whether you're a teen, a retiree, or somewhere in between, there's an app out there for you! Technology reporter, Natali Morris, highlights what's hot in the digital world.

For teens:

The Seesaw app helps you crowdsource your decisions. Do these shoes match? Should I go to the movies? What kind of pizza should I order? Seesaw will get your friends' opinions when you are stumped, and let you help them make day-to-day decisions too. You can post a question about anything, and your friends can easily vote on what they think you should do.

Viddy is like Instagram for videos, allowing you to upload videos up to 30 seconds long and add effects (similar to Instagram and its filters). You can then share the video across all of your social networks — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr — as well as right there on your Viddy homepage.

For 20- and 30-somethings:

This app helps you find fun things to do in your city based on your personality and location. Impulcity searches thousands of events to recommend something local that you and your friends might enjoy. You can even see who of your friends are at the event by watching what they're sharing.

For 40- and 50-somethings:

Ditch all the cards you carry with you and use Keyring. It gives you access to your membership cards, frequent buyer cards, coupon cards and even credit cards all in one app. Simply open the app and have the store clerk scan or key in the numbers of your memberships and never carry bulky plastic cards again. You can also join new programs and receive mobile coupons via your smartphone.

For retirees:

The Tapestry app is social networking for the aging population. It attempts to simplify social networks. It allows sharing with family members and close friends only, as well as gives a simplified layout of things that are shared with you. For example, you can receive Facebook photos shared by your children within the app without having a Facebook account. The app also includes standard applications like a clock and weather.

The Medisafe app reminds you to take your medication. It also syncs with family members so that you all get reminders or phone calls when it is time to take the medication. The app can also report your medication habits to your doctors between visits and sets reminders for refills on medications when you are running low.