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App eliminates text messaging 'remorse'

TigerText is especially good for those
TigerText is especially good for thoseTigerText

Ever send a text message and instantly regret it? A new app for the iPhone lets users not only immediately pull back those text messages, but set a lifespan — even down to seconds — for how long a message is viewable. It's called TigerText — and yes, even though the company has said it's not named for Tiger Woods, the poster child for regrettable text messages, it certainly hasn't been hurt by the name.

TigerText came out about a year ago for various smartphones, including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7 phones. But the new app for iOS (Apple) lets you recall messages with typos, mistakes "or just because" within seconds of sending, says the maker. And "expired messages" can be "completely erased from all phones and servers." Whoo-hoo!

"Our digital footprint grows with every post we make and every message we send. That message lives on forever on other people’s phones and on the many servers it passes through on its journey," said Jeffrey Evans, TigerText's CEO and co-founder, on the company's site.

The company, he said, sees its "mission" as being "to give that control back. We turned the notion of control on its head, letting the sender decide who can see a message, prevent it from being forwarded, and determine how long it lives.  We also hope the new message recall function will prevent some of those ‘Oops, I just sent that I-hate-my-job text to my boss by mistake’ moments.”

Among the app's other features, TigerText says:

  • Create and manage groups easily: Create new groups and add or delete individuals from groups with one simple and intuitive drag-and-drop. TigerText’s group messages have the same level of control and confirmation as any one-on-one conversation.
  • Determine who receives the message: TigerText messages cannot be forwarded to other recipients.
  • Keep their identity private: A TigerText username is created so that users can keep their mobile phone numbers, email addresses and names private if they want.
  • Confirm message delivery: Real-time notifications let users know when a message is received, opened or even when a phone is turned off.

The free app is available in the iTunes Store. It works with iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G, as well as the iPod Touch and iPad that are running iOS 4.0 or later. TIgerText says the app should be available for Android devices in the weeks ahead.

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