10 gadgets to keep you warm during the deep freeze

By Katie Linendoll

With much of the country bundling up to survive the frigid cold temperatures, there are a bunch of sizzling tech items that will help keep you toasty. 

S’mores USB heated slippers, $24.99 from ThinkGeek
Keep those feetsies cozy! Is there anything cuter than these heated s’mores slippers? Nice and toasty, just plug them into the USB port on your computer with the detachable cord and you’ll have happy feet.  

Nordic grips, starting at $12 from Nordic Grip
Want to know what’s more embarrassing than biting it on the winter ice? The painful memory of that moment for the next four days. Nordic Grips will keep you on your feet. Just attach these inexpensive spike straps to your shoes and you can walk as confidently in the winter as you do the rest of the year. There are multiple options for different types of shoes. I especially like the running option. 


Imagemallows/S’more kits starting at $4.50 each, marshmallows $20/dozen from Candy With A Twist 
Put all those Instagram pics to use and have them printed on a marshmallow! That’s right, these hot chocolate and s’more kits are can be entirely personalized. Makes a great gift or party favor, especially with my bud Al Roker’s mug on ‘em!

LumaWarm heated night light toilet seat, $74 from Home Depot

This toilet seat, which works with pretty much any toilet (as long as you have an available electrical outlet nearby), has warmed my butt many a night, with its three adjustable temperature settings.  

USB heated blanket, $19.95 from Convenient Gifts and Gadgets
Stay warm year-round with this USB heated blanket. Whether you’re taking a winter nap on the couch or freezing in the air conditioning of your office, coziness is just a USB port away. Plug one four-foot cord in for a low setting or two cords for high. Note: it doesn't get super hot, but you can definitely feel the warmth.


All-Star hot dog maker, $59.99 from Sharper Image
This gadget was made for Mark Sanchez! The All-Star hot dog maker cooks them just like the pros — on stainless steel rollers. The machine can heat up to four hot dogs in 8 minutes. I love the optional bun warmer and drip/crumb racks for easy clean.

USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup, $28, USB Brando
Keep that coffee warm! Just plug this cup into your computer’s USB for a quick warm-up, or hit the stir button for, well, duh, stirring. Not near the computer? It also works via rechargeable battery. Note: Cup doesn't get super hot, but again, you can definitely feel the warmth.

Thermo Kitty mat, $37.09 from Wag
The mat stays 12 to 15 degrees warmer than the temperature in the home, and actually warms up to the pet’s body temp. 


USB and 12V heated mug, $19.95 from Convenient Gifts and Gadgets
This 16-ounce stainless steel mug works overtime to keep your beverage hot. The plug has two adaptors, one 12V (for car) and one USB (for computer). 

Hot Can, starting at $2.99 from Hot Can
These self-heating cans are ready and waiting to give you a hot meal or beverage, whenever you want it. All you have to do is push a button on the bottom of the can, shake it for 30 seconds and voila! Lunch (or coffee) is served. Beverages include mocha, cocoa, latte and tea, and soups include chicken, tomato, mushroom and asparagus. I swear, the soup stayed warm for hours, and it’s actually really good!

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