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People are really annoyed by Zara's 'love your curves' campaign

Fashion fans are lashing out at the Spanish retailer for the ad campaign, with some calling it a "marketing fail."
/ Source: TODAY

Fashion fans are lashing out at Zara for an ad campaign that encourages customers to "love your curves."

The controversial ad features two young women in skinny jeans and baseball T-shirts. But, as many people who saw the ad pointed out on social media, the women aren't exactly what we would call curvy.

And shoppers aren't happy:

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Some called the ad a "marketing fail" and suggested the fast-fashion brand should work harder to include models of different shapes. Others wondered if the brand was trying to make a statement by suggesting that everyone — skinny models included — has curves and should love them.

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Zara is a Spanish company that has stores in many U.S. cities and across the world. It's not clear when the ad campaign launched or how many stores it's featured in.

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Zara has not yet returned TODAY Style's request for comment.