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Your haute holiday style problems — solved!

While this is a fun season for fashion, it can also be stressful. Overwhelmed by endless options? Can't decide between sequins, velvet or lace? TODAY's style editor Bobbie Thomas helps answer the most common style questions out there.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Her holiday "haute-line" has been ringing off the hook, and now TODAY style editor and’s Bobbie Thomas answers your fashion emergencies!

While this is a fun season for fashion, it can also be stressful. Whether you are overwhelmed by endless options and can't decide between sequins, velvet or lace; or you simply don't know what to wear to different gatherings, I've combed through emails, tweets and Facebook posts to help answer the most common style questions out there.

Dress alternative: “Dear Bobbie, I generally avoid dresses, but I need to  ‘dress’ up. Do you have any other festive looking ideas?”

While dresses tend to be the standard for special occasions, there are other options available for those who prefer pants. A chic poncho, cape, or beautiful shawl can add a little drama to a basic pair of black slacks. Look for luxe fabrics in this type of soft, flowing shape to create a look that is both effortless and elegant. An added bonus — this silhouette is especially flattering on many figures. (Silk Burnout Velvet Ponchos $81, ; Michael Simon Workshop Snowflake Poncho $99.90, )

Transitional tips: “Dear Bobbie, This time of year is so hectic, and I never seem to have time to get home after work before going out. Besides keeping a clutch in my handbag, what other ways can I go from day to night?”

This time of year is especially hectic and many of us don't have time to stop at home between work and our night time obligations. For those gals on-the-go, there are a few simple tips that can help take you directly from day to night. When you’re pressed for time, be strategic about what you wear to work. It’s hard to pull off a cocktail dress at the office, so opt for separates with a fancy blouse hidden beneath your blazer. When evening falls, remove the blazer and consider a few special extras. A pair of ornate earrings tucked inside your bag will instantly frame your face, a pair of tights (or removing a pair) can also transform your look, and a bold or bright lip is a fun extra statement. For those with long hair, try tossing it up or pulling it back into a ponytail for a sleek or playful effect. (Statement Jewelry $3.80-10, and ; Aqua Lace Top & Skirt $78-$98, ; Givenchy Earrings $TBA, )

Comfortably chic: “Dear Bobbie, help! I love having family and friends over for the holidays, but I’m stuck cooking and have a hard time finding something stylish yet practical to wear.”

Last but not least, a lot of ladies are hosting family and friends this season and in search of the perfect outfit that's both stylish and practical. This is the perfect excuse to wear dressed up denim — it's no longer just about your basic blues! From candy coated colors to metallic shimmer and leather like textures, there is something for everyone. Just remember to keep your shirt and shoes classic and let the denim be your statement. (Assorted Denim $25-$49, ; Metallic Jeans $80, )