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You probably need a haircut. This virtual barbershop can help

A tech entrepreneur is helping connect people with barbers for $18 a cut.
/ Source: TODAY

Hiring a professional to cut your hair during quarantine isn't an option, but a virtual barbershop is offering the next best thing: video conferences and guidance from a professional.

The website You Probably Need a Haircut lets people book a video call with a professional barber for $18. It's a win-win for everyone, according to founder Greg Isenberg.

"Barbers are being hit hard across the world and are without work," Isenberg told TODAY Style. "Having heard some stories from barber friends struggling to make ends meet, and realizing, man, I need a haircut, I thought You Probably Need a Haircut would be an elegant way to solve this problem for myself and others."

The site currently works with a couple dozen barbers whom clients can choose when they book an appointment. While people will need to have the tools at home, the expertise from a professional will hopefully help turn a potential haircut failure into a success.

"A barbershop is a warm and inviting place, and we aim to re-create that in your home. People can expect friendly banter from their new barber and hand-holding throughout the cutting process," Isenberg said. "When you book an appointment, you get a Zoom link so the hand-holding is done via video chat."

You Probably Need a Haircut gives most of the $18 fee to barbers, but takes a $3.60 cut to help pay for the fees of running the website. There's also an option to leave a $5 tip for a barber.

David LeGault, a Montreal-based barber, told TODAY Style he was skeptical at first, but decided to see if he could help people in quarantine.

"To be honest, initially when Greg came to me and asked me to give people virtual haircuts, I thought he was crazy," LeGault said. "I just gave one to a 19-year-old girl who gave her boyfriend a haircut. Let's just say I turned what would have been a 1/10 haircut to a 8/10 haircut. That's well worth the $18."

So far, the reviews have been positive.

"You saved my life. My boyfriend looked hideous," said one review from a customer named Sarah in West Hollywood, California.

Michael Duncan, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, also gave his experience high marks.

"Things were looking grim," he said. "I never thought I could give myself a decent cut. Steve from Montreal hooked me up."