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'You look like Twiggy!' See daughter's adorable reaction to makeover

Two beautiful and deserving women get the makeover of a lifetime!
/ Source: TODAY

It was a perfect day on the Plaza for sun, fun and the transformation of a lifetime! Two lucky women got exactly that, courtesy of our incomparable Ambush Makeover team.

Janelle Marshall, 50, is visiting New York City from Annapolis, Maryland for a girls vacation with some friends and her daughter.

ambush makeoverTODAY

Despite many pleas from her hairdresser, Marshall, who works at the Department of Justice, has never colored her hair — not once!

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When she first walked in after her stunning transformation, Fourth Hour co-host, Tony Danza, couldn't help but say, "Holy mackerel!"

Her daughter Victoria couldn't agree more. "You look like Twiggy, Mom!" she said.

Marshall's daughter was speechless after seeing her mom's new look.TODAY

To achieve the look, hairstylist extraordinaire Louis Licari gave Marshall a color that's closer to the hair she was born with. Style expert Liliana Vazquez took Marshall's new 'do up a notch by dressing her in a beautiful tropical dress (just in time for the opening ceremony in Rio) from Maggie London. Yes, that's just one piece!

Next up: Janice Baumler, 53, who's visiting the city from Decorah, Iowa for her son's graduation. With her husband, Duane, and son Garret by her side, this hospital human resources assistant said she was game to change it all — clothing, hairstyle and more!

So, how did it turn out? Just take one look at her family's reaction.

ambush makeoverTODAY

"Wow!" her husband said. "She's so beautiful inside and out."

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Licari said his secret was adding beautiful highlights to her already rich, natural hair color. To finish off her look, Vazquez gave her a chic jumpsuit from Clara Sunwoo.

Baumler is a human resources assistant at a hospital.TODAY

Congratulations to both fabulous women!