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'You look great!' Husband delighted by wife's Ambush Makeover

/ Source: TODAY

It's Thursday, and that means two lucky ladies left Rockefeller Center looking a lot more glamorous than when they arrived, thanks to hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin!

Joanne Coleman from California is a full-time mother of five. She was in New York City to visit family.

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Joanne, who has a big birthday coming up, tried for a makeover during her last trip to the plaza but wasn't selected. She said she always gets the same haircut and desperately needed a "new transformation."

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And the TODAY makeover team certainly delivered. "You look great!" Joanne's husband, Pat, exclaimed upon seeing her new look.

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Joanne loved the chic hairstyle, updated with simple bangs and deeper blonde tones. Her fitted, sheer overlay dress added another touch of sophistication.

Next up was Laura Schoeneberg, a 27-year-old from Missouri who's finishing a pediatric residency at the University of Florida.

She was making a trip to the big city to celebrate completing nine long years of school, and hoped a makeover would give her a new, professional look.

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"Holy crap!" Laura's friend blurted, shocked by her amazing transformation.

Laura couldn't suppress happy giggles when she saw her new look in the full-length mirror on TODAY.

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The makeover team kept her long tresses, but added soft, natural red tones and beautiful, feathered layers to frame her face.

And is Joanne ready for the professional world? Check out that edgy outfit!